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Five builds have recently come up out of nowhere that looks like big possibilities going forward for this expansion. These are interesting combos we saw during the MDI which you can play on your character soon as we unlock more soulbind trees. These are not meta-breaking but could be the new metas in the future.  The covenant system in Shadowlands is definitely interesting. While there are tons of different possibilities and a variety of builds to play, in the end we have specific metas that get formed. Certain covenants are good matches with certain classes. As we get more renown, we unlock more soulbinds, possibilities and more sims run through our characters and players figure out different ways to play. 


The current meta for Shadow Priest is the Venthyr covenant, allowing them a powerful ability of mind games. It gives a little bit of healer capability but also damage capability on top of it which makes it a massive ability overall. However, recent sims figured out that if you combine the powerful mastery bonus that the first soulbind of the Night Fae covenant gives you together with Talbadar’s Stratagem legendary, mind bless hits harder when all of you three DoTs are present. Double dipping that extra damage into your mastery together with the mastery buff and the Night Fae ability having a very short cooldown, you will have an interesting set up altogether as a Night Fae Shadow Priest. The Night Fae covenant itself used to be the best one when it comes to early Alpha and Beta although it quickly fell out of favor but people are recently picking it back up. It provides a nice bonus for the defensive for your tank or whoever is taking damage. This covenant is good, Priests are going Night Fae and are even trying to play it as Discipline because of the mana region being quite good.  The variety of different bonuses you get as well is actually a solid combo. Shadow Priest in Night Fae is looking like a new fan favorite. 

Priest class changes in WoW Shadowlands


A lot of Rogue abilities are super high impact. A lot of them are just a simple press and forgotten ability with soulbinds playing the majority of the play style and the change in terms of how we end up performing. This is where the strength of the Necrolord lies as it has a couple of different soulbinds which are quite good.  There’s the ability for your character to run which is the Emeni soulbind where you gain massive bonuses to your allies. Allows you to shape together extra bonus agility, strength or intellect for your group whenever there are big numbers coming out. Since you are very heavy Outlaw crit focus spec, you will get bonuses to crits as well from some of the soul binds. There is also the ability to gain a lot of combo points and turn them into finishers very quickly with the spike ability. While the damage itself is not huge, the combo points you get to put out especially in a large group of enemies is going to be quite huge. That is a lot of finishers for a lot of combo point generation but also for a lot of cooldown reductions so you can maintain blade flurry a lot easier. Overall, not a terrible combo. 

Rogue class changes in WoW Shadowlands
Outlaw Rogue


It looks like the Night Fae from mythic pluses, with the big obliterans that you can do, Night Fae allows you the extra cleave capability which might be something interesting to pick up. The Night Fae ability throws down a death and decay which siphons life from enemies and gives it back to you as strength. It synergizes well within your pillar or frost which gives you capability to get massive obliterates. And inside death and decay, you will cleave a secondary target. Your obliterates already do quite good single target damage. In the mythic pluses you are always looking for more aoe, so mythic pluses in particular and Night Fae DK looks like a viable combo. Go for a massive obliterate build, go for a two-hander and make sure you have a massive weapon that you can swing in your hands and start cleaving things down. This is a fascinating combo you might want to consider and get all that renown as the combo is looking strong in mythic pluses. 

Frost Death Knight in Shadowlands - DPS Strengths, Best Covenants,  Soulbinds and Legendaries - Wowhead News
Frost Death Knight


Very similar to the Outlaw Rogue, Demonology Warlock will be going to the Necrolord covenant for the same reasons. The ability itself has a very short cooldown so combined together with Emeni you will be able to provide that passive bonus to allies. Warlocks for Necrolords has never been a terrible option, it is just that the Night Fae has always been a stronger one because you can get a head start ahead of all the other covenants. With extra different potency conduits and decent bonuses, that synergy is pretty good into the play style. Plus given the Warlock, the class that has not a lot of mobility, the extra movement just made him that much better for raiding. In the future, as we unlock more soulbinds, there is now potential for other Warlocks to pick up all the other bonuses and looks like Necrolord is another bonus that’s actually been competitive with the Night Fae from the start. 

Demonology Warlock in Shadowlands - DPS Strengths, Best Covenants,  Soulbinds and Legendaries - Actualités Wowhead
Demonology Warlock


This combo might be viable going forward as we are unlocking more abilities and players get to play around with a variety of different covenants as well as different abilities that they offer. This combo gives you a Priest version of metamorphosis, allowing you massive damage and healing in a pinch. This could be good for mythic pluses and for raids. Playing Disciplined Priest you also have the ability to heal allies through atonement which this ability puts out quite a bit of damage and therefore quite a bit of healing. The final heal that this ability does at the end too is also very powerful. So if you are someone who is a Priest who feels like you never have enough buttons to deal with a variety of situations, the Kyrian combo might be solid now. It offers a lot of playability and while it is a massive 3 button cooldown, if you use it right it does seem like there is actual opportunity for it going forward in this expansion. 

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