Shadowlands Week Thirteen: What To Expect

Week 13 marks a big milestone for character development, another round of Timewalking and so much more!

0:30 An important hotfix to be aware of, loot drops from the Castle Nathria raid will go up by 33%. According to the post, 10 player raids should now see 2 gear  items and 20 player raids will see 4 gear items. 

The world boss this week is Nurgash Muckformed who drops legendary recipes for Death Knights, Demon Hunters and Warlocks. As well as conduits for your class covenant abilities. 

Image result for shadowlands nurgash muckformed
Nurgash Muckformed

Timewalking returns this week and you are off to Pandaland to smash each of its dungeons except for Scarlet Monastery, Scarlet halls and skolamans. Sadly, Blizzard still has not chosen a time walking raid for Mists of Pandaria as well as Vanilla timewalking. 

The PVP brawl this week is cooking impossible as it is definitely one of these stranger brawls. So you can either prep your character to run ingredients or be the impassable ball work that stops them in their tracks. 

2:31 In the world of mythic plus, hats off for surviving tyrannical, bursting and explosive last week. This week’s mythic plus affixes are Fortified, Sanguine and Grievous. Remember, do not keep standing on the red stuff and don’t keep mobs standing on it as well and you will be fine. 

In the world of covenants where we hit the last big milestone for character advancement, the renown level has gone up to 34. Renown 33 will score you a new adventure companion to drag you down because now you have another one to deal with. Renown 34 will get you another skin for your back ornament as well as the final soulbind upgrade. 

What do our new companions have to offer? For the Kyrian we have Bron, Necrolord with Plaguey, Night Fae with Watcher Vesperbloom and Venthyr with Vulca. 

Good time to remind you of a favorite add on to assist with completing missions which is Covenant Mission Helper. It has been updated so not only does it display what missions give the highest XP regardless of if you win or lose. It has both an optimizer to rearrange your teams for optimal success and it simulates encounters for missions that employ random abilities. This is available on Curseforge. 

Final sets of soulbind traits available for each covenant.  For Kleia of Kyrian are Bearer’s Pursuit, Pointed Courage and Resonant Accolades

Emeni for the Necrolords has Gristled Toes, Gnashing Chompers and Sulfuric Emission

Remember, an Emeni user can pop their flashcraft while at low health because they can use flashcraft while moving. Couple that with damage reduction buffs that are in the current PTR and you will find that Emeni users can take that burst window that you are using and shut it down. 

Dreamweaver of the Night Fae gets the Field of Blossoms. Using your covenant ability spawns a thing to stand under that lasts a number of seconds increasing your haste by 12%. The duration of this field depends on your class. 

Theotar of the Venthyr with Token of Appreciation, Refined Palate and Wasteland Propriety

8:05 As you are now able to shuffle around with all your traits and build profiles based on your playstyle, now is a good time to remind you about Conduit Energy. Every time you apply a conduit, even if you are just moving in an already placed conduit from one spot to another, you use one of these conduit energy and you gain one back every 24 hours. Some of you may never notice this because you just set up your profiles and promptly forget about it; you just switch between soulbinds freely. Others who want to optimize for many different play styles however may feel challenged with having to make these less optimal choices for the sake of always having viable profiles on hand. 

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