10 Easy to get Mounts in WoW: Shadowlands

0:00​ – Here are ten mounts you can get easily in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Some of these are 100% drop rate mounts that you can get right away or maybe questline rewards, and some can come from Shadowlands rares that you can try your luck every day, but remember not all of them will be 100 drop chance mount.

  1. Blisterback Bloodtusk1:06
Blisterback Bloodtusk - Overgear Guides

The so-called Warbringer Mal’korak is located in Maldraxxus near the House of the Chosen and can be captured by killing it. You don’t have to go to a questline to access this mounting. Taking it on yourself is not advisable because it may take you a while to finish it.

  1. Wildseed Cradle2:18
Wildseed Cradle - Shadowlands Flying Ardenweald Cradle Mount - Wowhead News

This mount is a 100% chance mount. You have to go to Ardenweald and go to an area on the heart of the forest and collect the gardener’s basket, wand, flute, hammer, and diary of the night. After collecting all of them, click one of the items, and it will automatically combine all of them into one item called twinklestar’s gardening toolkit. Then go to tier Naval and talk to twinklestar. You have to choose “I have found your toolkit,” and it will show the mount behind her. 

  1. Arboreal Gulper3:30
New information about Ardenwald mounts known - Games-4-Geeks

This is a 100% drop rate mount that requires an unusually large mushroom as a first step. This item can drop from mobs in the Ardenweald, so you need to start killing at that location until you get the item. After getting it, you have to move fast to go to the area near Dreamsong Fenn, where you will find a damp loam that you need to plant the mushroom because there is only 20 minutes duration. After planting, Humon’ gozz will appear, and you have to kill it to have the mount.

  1. Silverwind Larion4:24
Ardenweald Pod, Purple Vulpin, and More Mounts from Shadowlands Alpha Build  34714 - Noticias de Wowhead

A 100% drop rate mount that requires you to collect shards around Bastion. Here is the link for the exact locations of the shards https://bit.ly/391EUfc because there are many shards you must find. 

  1. Battle-Bound Warhound5:35
Gnawed Reins of the Battle-Bound Warhound - Overgear Guides

This mount is not a 100% drop rate mount, so you need to be patient in getting it. You have to go to the Theatre of Pain in Maldraxxus. In this arena, there will be elite mobs. This mount can drop from any one of them.

  1. Spinemaw Gladechewer6:46
More Easy to Obtain Mounts in Shadowlands - Spinemaw Gladechewer,  Silverwind Larion, Blanchy's Reins - Wowhead News

This is another 100% drop rate mount. However, this drops from an elite called Gormtamer Tizo. And it doesn’t spawn by itself. You have to kill many mobs within the marked area on the map, and they will call for Tizo to help them out. 

  1. Shimmermist Runner7:42
Three Easy to Obtain Mounts in Shadowlands - Arboreal Gulper, Shimmermist  Runner, Wildseed Cradle - Wowhead News

A straightforward type of unicorn mount that you have to follow and finish a path through the Tyrannocite Maze to obtain it. 

  1. Callow Flayedwing8:50
Callow Flayedwing Found in Shadowlands - Cointained Inside Blight-Touched  Egg - Wowhead News

This requires you to farm in Maldraxxus for a while, depending on how lucky you are, but it will be worth it for sure. You have to go to a particular location on the map and kill the mobs around there that look like mini versions of the mount. After that, if you are lucky, you will receive an item called blight touched egg that turns into a mount within five days.

  1. Endmire Flyer10:14
Sources de montures mises à jour dans la sous-version bêta 35598 de  Shadowlands : ennemis rares, aventures, congrégations - Actualités Wowhead

This is another mount where you can daily try your chance. Currently, it has an unknown drop rate. You have to go to a place in Revendreth. If the boss is ready to spawn the NPC Seeker Hilda, you will have an option to generate the boss, and after doing it, there will be enemies, and the boss will spawn. 

  1.  Silky Shimmermoth11:00
Even More Easy to Obtain Mounts in Shadowlands - Swift Glomhoof, Silky  Shimmermoth, Hulking Deathroc - Wowhead News

You can purchase This mount from the NPC. You need to attend an event in Ardenweald where you have to kill seven different bosses.

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