Shadowlands has been out for over a week now, and players have been either grinding in Torghast explicitly or just running around clearing the maw every day and logging off.

The game has been more than enough fun for every kind of player, but if you want to get the most out of the new expansion, this guide will tell you everything you should be doing on a weekly and daily basis in game, that is if you’re up for the grind!


Once you choose your covenant, renown quests are going to be something that you choose to put your focus on. If you’re in a covenant you definitely have to raise your renown with those people and doing covenant quests is a great way to increase those numbers.

The more renown you have with the covenant, the more soul bind you unlock in your soul bind tree, and that is tied to a lot of player power. Farming that renown is very important and it’s very good for you as a player. Doing around 2-3 covenant quests on the characters you want to level up is something you should make sure to do!


Legendary recipes drop at many other locations in different quests and runs, the drops are very similar to essences although not as hard to find, finding your preferred recipes that cater to your play-style is very important!


Unlocking Torghast is the main deal here, especially for Legendaries, Soul Ash is the main currency you get that is key for crafting Legendaries and the only way to acquire is going through Torghast.

For now it is time-gated and only the first three layers are available, but by the end of December, all the other layers will be unlocked and available, once you play through all 8 layers, you can just go on weekly playing through the 8th layer twice and making the soul ash you would by playing every single layer before the 8th and the 8th in the same run.

So this is incredibly important and farming the maximum soul ash is a must!


Mythic 0s are the fastest route to helping you get your characters leveled up and get them geared for legendaries and look for legendary powers in the most efficient way, they’re a weekly lock out so they’re just a must do every week, make sure to get these done without any hesitation!


The two weekly dungeon and two weekly PvP quests are very much reputation related, reputation for the covenant is only important for player power if you get legendary recipes from that specific covenant.

If you don’t get any legendaries from your covenant, this part isn’t very important for your player power, theoretically you can skip this but personally doing these is very important in my opinion! Doing these weekly is just a helpful way of increasing legendary power if you acquire it through your covenant.


The daily calling is strictly for reputation, which unless if you have legendary recipes that you acquired from your covenants or you care too much about Pathfinder, you can just skip these if you would like.


The Maw is a zone where you can’t mount. The Maw gives you stigia which you can use to buy gem slots and if you care about player power than you definitely do care about gem slots.

It’s quite tedious when you look at it from a time consumption stand point as these are very long processes and take a ton of time to acquire stigia, so unless you are prioritizing stigia, I would suggest focusing on your renown quests and your legendaries, those two things are the most important for the time being.

Hope this guide helps clear any confusion you have on what to do now that you’re a fair bit of time into Shadowlands!

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