How to Get The Slime Serpent Secret Mount Guide!

Shadowlands players can now obtain the Slime Serpent Mount within Plaguefall. It is not too difficult to get just by hearing it. All you have to do is kill the last two bosses in heroic Plaguefall by yourself. Easier said than done for most people since you have to kill the last two bosses in Heroic mode. It can also be done in Mythic but might as well do it on Heroic now. This has to be done solo in order to get the mount to spawn. 

Most specs and classes are going to struggle with this. All tank specs at a decent item level should be able to do this especially Vengeance Demon Hunters. And obviously pet classes like Warlocks and BM Hunters at a decent item level. In terms of item level, it is going to depend on your specialization in your class. For example Vengeance Demon Hunters can probably do this around 205 or maybe the 210 item level if you have a good legendary, good stats and good trinkets.  

1:42 Head over to Heroic Plaguefall in Maldraxxus, again make sure you are solo and not in a group. The first two bosses you can completely skip just mount past them and don’t bother with them. Try and skip as much trash as possible. There’s really not too many difficult trash pulls as long as you do it one pack at a time depending on your item level. Even if you kill one mob at a time you’ll eventually get to the bosses. The only trash you might struggle a little bit on is the tentacles. Use the bombs to blow up the tentacles. Keep clearing all trash, completely skipping the first two bosses until you get to the third boss. 

I recommend clearing all the trash around the third boss’s area since you’re going to use the whole area. The third boss is pretty easy and the only dangerous part is getting stunned during the Brood Assassins. The boss will eventually mark you with the debuff, you will be stunned for a short amount of time and if the Brood Assassins spawn and you can’t get them out of their shadow webs they might do a large chunk of damage to you. Other than that just make sure you’re getting the adds out of the webs by going into them and DPS-ing them out of it so you could actually clear them off. 

Slime Serpent | Warcraft Mounts

Clear all the trash to the last boss and watch out for the Infectious Rain that’s high damage and avoid the tentacles of course. The part that could get tricky if you’re a little bit lower gear are the malignant spawns. They can get a little bit overwhelming so if they’re not dying to your cleave damage, I recommend switching to them and killing them off. 

Once you kill off the last boss, backtrack and make a right turn and you’ll get a ‘teleporter’ which will teleport you back up to the third bosses area. You’ll see a curious slime surfer at the corner, walk over to it, click it and pet it and he’ll be put to your mount journal.  

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