Shadowlands Week Ten: What To Expect

From weekend to week 10! Here what to expect in week 10 of Shadowlands. 

It is a light week ahead, giving you extra time to catch up on alts, farm anima or get an old raid transmog. This week’s world boss is Valinor, the Light of Eons. Priests, Paladins and Shamans can score a legendary from Valinor. So if you can get an alt or three  ready here is your chance. 

Take a quick look at the conduit that is based on your class’s covenant ability. Is it an item level of 200 or higher? If not, keep in mind that all four world bosses drop this kind of conduit for all classes and covenants. The weekly event shifts towards battlegrounds. Complete a handful of battlegrounds for some extra honor and conquest along with some renown. Don’t forget to pick up the weekly quests by the PVP vendor to hopefully double up on some extra rewards. In mythic plus world, in week 10 you will deal with Tyrannical, Bolstering and Necrotic. 

The renowned cap is going up another 2 points to a maximum of 28. At renown 27, you can get another adventure person and a pet. At renown 28, you can get the second to the last row for a second soulbind. So as of week 10, all four covenants are aligned or each one now has 2 soul binds that have 2 potency slots for maximum carnage. 

As mentioned, at renown 27 you can get another adventure person and pet. Kyrian’s companion will be Apolon, who has the Dawnshock ability. Venthyr will get Lost Sybille with the Headcrack ability. For Night Fae, Qadarin brings the Heart of the Forest ability. And last but not the least, team Necrolord will get Khaliiq with the Fan of Knives ability. So far, Necrolords are getting the winning companion on week 10. 

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