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We’re going to take a look on how to deal the most optimal sustain damage, how you execute your bursts, and how you can mix-max your damage beyond!

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One of the most important factors in arena. Damage can be separated into to parts: consistent damage and burst damage.

We will be focusing more on consistent damage as this may seem obscure because we are used to mages being more on the burst side and their damage outside of burst is not all that impactful. The sustain damage is focused more on the preparation for your burst windows.

The biggest contributor here would be Pyrokinesis. Even with some nerfs, this ability reduces the cooldown of your combustion every time you fireball which makes it the main source of your consistent damage.

Fireball does so much with Tinder and Firestarter in conjunction with matchups like caster mirrors, would get you some instantly good sustain damage. To bolster this, you can keep Fireblast at three stacks and use them after a Fireball to have some additional crit from a hotstreak Pyroblast. Although, you have to make sure that you have three stacks of Fireblast for your burst window. The point remains that focusing on your sustain damage, leave it when it comes to kiting, surviving, securing crowd control, preparation for your next burst window, and even peeling.

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Fire mages are known for one thing in particular and that is their bursts. No amount of casters come close to how much bursts they are capable of giving, easily being able to solo any target in a blink of an eye without even casting a single spell. Your bursts simply consists of instant damage abilities: Fireblast with Meteor, Phoenix Flames, and coupled of course with Combustion.

Your going to want to drop Meteor on your target, having the target stunned prior by your teammate. After that, pop Combustion. While you combust after Meteor, you have a few seconds before it hits. This way you will have all the spells to hit relatively at the same time for that huge burst of damage. Then you would want to instantly Fireblast which will intern give you Hotstreak, use it proc to your Fireblast. Which you will follow up with another Fireblast that will give you your second Pyro, then Phoenix Flames. When not in the risk of losing your crowd control, it will give you yet another Pyro which rotates Fireblast as they come up off cooldown.


Discussing something that you will always encounter in every single arena game that can greatly swing the momentum of any game: The Opener.

Before the game starts, you’re going to have to do is buff Arcane Intelligent and when its 25 seconds before the game starts, you would want to buff your Blazing Barrier due to the recommended legendary: Triune Ward. This is all going to get your barriers up and reset the cooldown once the gates open. The duration of this will be at least 30 seconds on all the three barriers and also having the cooldown ready.


One of the hardest things for any less experienced players or even for veterans is that being able to handle being trained. The constant threat of having two melees on you or casters spiking your health with every ability could make everything so much harder and you may even find yourself shutting down. Ending up with no damage, no crowd control, and purely focusing on surviving.

Fire mages are lucky and subsequently strong because a lot of their damages are instant casts. This makes it incredibly easy to be able to get your damage out even if someone is smashing your face in, as not a single ability requires any cast time. A mistake players make is focusing too much on dealing consistent damage. When you’re heavily trained, consistent damage should always take a back seat.

What you should be doing is prioritizing surviving, crowd controlling, and bursting with that consistent pressure. So instead of standing still, look to keep distance to get some Fireballs out to reduce your combustion cooldown or get some consistent pressure building.


Some players that you see seem to do a lot more damage when you see them play, this is mostly due to the fact that they might know stop tips and tricks that you might not.

  1. Importance of Infernal Cascade Conduit. This is why the Fire’s burst are potent and also the main reason that you would also want to Fireblast twice before the impact of your Meteor.
  2. Flamecannon. This is the integral part that makes sure your burst is making the maximum amount of damage. Having five stacks of it just before unloading your burst, increases by 15%.
  3. Combustion. This is the key to unlocking your burst potential while having a few rules to abide by to use to maximize it. With this, enemies are more vigilant looking out for it so you should always remember to make your combustion set-ups as clean as possible.
  4. Arcane Skill Awareness. Most enemies are aware of the sequence of the skills Fire Mages throw at them. You can use this to your advantage by doing the quick combustion burst. While enemies are in a cc, you can immediately start your burst rotation without the Meteor.
  5. Night Fae Covenant Ability: Shifting Power. The power that this provides should not be underestimated. The power from the shifting itself and the ability to reset cooldown charges, then have the ability to unload your burst, you can now extend the window that you’re doing damage in by getting your Fireblast damages back for that extra bit of damage.


VIDEO CHAPTERS: 0:00​ – Intro 1:05​ – Optimal Sustained Damage 2:55​ – Burst Damage 5:34​ – Openers In Arena 8:02​ – Damage While Being Trained 10:03​ – Tips To Mix-Max Damage 13:26​ – Interactions With Other Classes

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