Finding The BEST Guild That Suits YOU: WoW TBC Classic

Players are starting to look for new guilds as TBC Classic is fast approaching. Let’s cover the different types of guilds in TBC Classic and how you can get a head start in trying to find a guild that you can call home throughout your time there. What type of guild should you be looking for? Important question indeed as a lot of players end up in the wrong guild simply because their goals and expectations don’t match up with the vision and the ethos of the guild they end up joining. Not understanding what type of guild matches your demands and expectations, results in disappointment and uncertainty if you can get a raid spot in another guild because you wasted your time networking within a guild that either doesn’t want you in their raid team or you feel that you should be surrounded by more dedicated players.  

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These guilds can range from World First Races, speed running enthusiasts bringing down worlds bosses whenever they spawn or players that are willing to push their characters and the content to its absolute limits. These are a group of players that are dedicated min max. In Classic WOW they would be fully weld buffed, running with the best rating professions and having every aspect of their character to be as optimized as possible. This even includes their ability rotation, race choice, enchants, consumables and talents. 

If a method is discovered that can shave off a minute from their clear times then they will be doing what is necessary to achieve that. Needless to say that the expectations and competition within a hardcore guild are incredibly high. This means that if you’re part of this guild and you feel that you can skip out on a particular profession or consumable then it will be noticed and there will be someone ready to take your place if you are seen to not be bringing your best. 

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A semi-hardcore guild would still focus on clearing the new raiding content within the first week or at least get very close to doing so. As a result, they will aim to bring an optimal raid composition where possible but there may be some exceptions depending on how serious they are. 

When it comes to professions, many will still enforce having leatherworking jumps for the most part. Although there will definitely be some that don’t. However depending on how difficult Sunwell Plateau will be they might enforce the drums in the final phase of TBC Classic. As for enchanting rings, I don’t believe semi-hardcore guilds will enforce this since having to completely drop a profession, acquiring all the enchanting materials to scale up every time you get a couple of new rings is definitely entering the hardcore-guild territory. 

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In essence, a semi-hardcore guild attempts to clear raiding content at a good pace without going over the top with min maxing to accommodate players with jobs and families who may not have a huge amount of time available to dedicate to the game. They still want to clear all the relevant content efficiently. 


These guilds have a much more relaxed approach to raiding. And their goals can range widely from guild to guild. So it can be a bit difficult to pin down exactly where they stand. Although in general running an optimal raid composition isn’t usually their primary concern. As long as they have the bare essentials of enough tanks and healers and some decent DPS to fill out their raid roster then they’re good to go. These are the types of guilds where you may see quite a large deviation away from the raiding meta. 

Standard guilds will still expect their raiders to have their gear enchanted and turn up with essential consumables for boss encounters. Since they still intend to progress through the content and see how far they are able to get. They usually have a “We’ll get there when we get there.” mentality when it comes to raid progression without any particular rush to reach the finish line. So if you’re someone who wants to experience raiding content without the expectation or demand to complete as fast or as optimally as possible then this is a type of guild that you should consider. 


These are the types of guilds that don’t really have raiding as their utmost priority. And if they’re able to bring 25 players together one week but not the next then it’s not a problem for them. Raiding is more of a community activity that can create some fun experiences and make the bond between their guild members stronger. There are some causal guilds that do end up completing the content much later down the line. 

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These guilds focus on the social aspects of the game. And if they end up going to a raid it pretty much is just using the raid setting as a medium for their social activities to have some fun. So don’t expect raiding to be any kind of regular activity in these types of guilds. 

Social guilds focus very much on the community aspect of the game be that in leveling together, running some dungeons or even role play events. There are some hardcore guild players who has alts in social guilds because they can relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and take it easy whilst playing on one of their alts. So if you really want to just enjoy the game at our own pace, not particularly worrying about raiding and expectations from others then a social guild can suit you. 

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How do you find these guilds? Discord and websites like Reddit can be your best source. You’ll find lots of guilds actively recruiting that normally give a summary or outline of what kind of guild they are, what you can expect from them and what they expect from you as well as what days of the week they plan to raid. Start networking and find potential guilds that you want to consider joining.  

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