How to get Starry Dreamfoal Pet in Ardenweald: quick & easy guide!

We are back with another battle pet guide, and this time it will be one of the unicorn battle pets introduced in Shadowlands, the Starry Dreamfoal pet. Also keep in mind that the Starry Dreamfoal pet is one of the secret treasure awards from the Cache of the Night in Ardenweald, and it will count in the Treasure of Ardenweald Achievement. So let’s jump straight to our battle pet guide!

Starry Dreamfoal Pet

What you need to get this battle pet you need to get to the secret treasure chest, but you’ll need to lower the barrier in front of the treasure. In order to do that you will need the Fae Dreamcatcher, this will allow you to access the Cache of the Night and the battle pet.  

In order to have a Fae Dreamcatcher you will need to loot three things and you will be able to locate them all in the Ardenweald. There’s no specific order to loot these three things so it doesn’t matter what you will loot first. 

The first will be the Fae Ornament, and you’ll be able to find it in Shimmerbough (51.59 61.61).

Shimmerbough (51.59 61.61)

You’ll need to climb to the platforms that are connected to the long bridges. Keep in mind that there are also mobs in the place so you might have to take them out before grabbing the item. As you approach the platform you will be able to see a tiny ornament at the edge of it. 

Fae Ornament

Next will be the Enchanted Bough, and you’ll be able to find it in Star Lake Amphitheater (42.42 46.73).

Star Lake Amphitheater (42.42 46.73)

Just locate the cheer platform in the middle of the audience and go underneath it.

Enchanted Bough

The final item would be the Raw Dream Fibers, and is located at the Gossamer Cliffs (36.23 65.27).

Gossamer Cliffs (36.23 65.27)

If you’ve done any side quest in Ardenweald, this place will be familiar to you. Just climb a bit and you’ll see a silky curtain hanging, and if you click on it, you’ll be able to get the Raw Dream Fibers.

Raw Dream Fibers

Then just check your inventory, right click in any of items you looted, and you’ll be able to merge them and you’ll have the Fae Dreamcatcher

Once you have the Fae Dreamcatcher just head over to Darkreach (36.23 65.27).

Get over the tree platform with a tiny room next to it. And since you already have the Fae Dreamcatcher it won’t have any barrier on it. There you go you have the Starry Dreamfoal Pet and you get your achievement as well! 

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