50 Things ONLY SMART PEOPLE KNOW in WoW Shadowlands PvP!

Do you know all the secrets in World of Warcraft? Definitely not boomer knowledge. Let’s run down 50 incredible things you don’t know about World of Warcraft. 

0:00​ – Intro

1:20​ – Dispel CC With Mindgames

1:35​ – Dodge/Parry Shadowy Duel

1:49​ – Immune Spear Of Bastion

2:04​ – DfA/Harpoon Across The Map

2:18​ – Hiberate/Scare Beast Soul Shape

2:30​ – Strong Fleshcraft Shield

2:48​ – Beast Mastery Hunter Pet

3:03​ – Shadowmeld To Immune CC

Did you know that every class is capable of dispelling polymorph and blind? If you get Mindgames by a Priest you can convert your healing from your spells to damage your partners out of CC like polymorph and blind. If your class doesn’t have a healing spell, you can even use bandages to break their CC. 

Did you know that Shadowy Duel is a physical spell? Because of this it can be dodged or parry. When this happens both you and the Rogue get sent to the Shadow Realm but the Rogue will be unable to hit you. Meaning you can get your revenge by beating them up when they are helpless. 

Spear of Bastion is one of the most obnoxious spells in the game. Fortunately a few classes can avoid its endless vacuum. You can get out of the spear by using Greater Fade, Feign Death with the Deeper Stratagem legendary, Demonic Gateway or Cloak of Shadows. 

Spear of Bastion - Spell - World of Warcraft
Spear of Bastion

If you time your Death from Above or Harpoon at the same time, you can fly across any map when a Monk or Warlock crosses their port. If you press your DFA or Harpoon right before they teleport your character will fly like Superman across the map to connect on them even through pillars. 

If you’re a Hunter or Druid, did you know that you can use Scare Beast or Hibernate against any Night Fae player? Their soul shape turns them into a beast allowing you to use these spells to put them in a CC that they probably weren’t expecting. 

shadowlands hunter - Outfit - 9.1.0 PTR

If you’re a Necrolord, you can increase the size of your Fleshcraft shield with other HP modifiers. Buffs like Bear Form, Power Word, Fortitude or your Gladiator’s Emblem will make the shield from your Fleshcraft stronger. You can get a huge shield before the gates open in arena by using your BM trinket before you Fleshcraft. 

BM Hunters are so confusing! If you need some help keeping track of the Hunter’s real pet, look at its focus bar. If the pet is 120 focus then it is the real one. So kill it instantly to make that Hunter QQ. 

This trick isn’t new but many players don’t know that you can Shadowmeld to immune CC. If you press Shadowmeld the exact global as CC lands, you will immune the CC entirely. This requires almost perfect timing though so it isn’t always reliable. 

3:20​ – Avoid The Hunt Damage

3:31​ – Pandemic Dots/Hots

3:52​ – Mage Food Is Better

4:00​ – Dodge/Parry Incapacitating Roar

4:13​ – Jump For Momentum

4:31​ – Baiting Interrupts

4:46​ – Juke Off Ledges

5:02​ – Arcane Torrent Mind Control

5:11​ – No Combat From Crowd Control

5:25​ – Healing Mindgames

The Hunt is absolutely broken right? Well fortunately you can prevent all of its damage by CC-ing the Demon Hunter immediately after the cast finishes. This even works with roots and will prevent the Hunt from doing any damage. 

This next trick is fundamental to any damage or healing over time effect in the game. If you reapply a DoT or HoT before it fades, your next re-application will refresh its duration and even add up to an additional 33% duration. Allowing it to last even longer than what is said on the tooltip. Keep in mind that the bonus duration gets smaller the closer the spell is to expiring. 

If you’re a Healer playing with a Mage, please start using their food. It regens mana much faster than normal food so make sure it doesn’t go to waste in your bags. 

wow Frost Mage in the Shadowlands: Spec Highlights and Class  Recommendations - P2Gamer - The Gaming Blog Hub
Frost Mage

If you’re playing against a Druid, did you know that you can avoid their Incapacitating Roar entirely? It can be dodged or parried so get your Evasion or Die by the Sword ready and you can completely catch them off guard when you immune their CC. 

I’m sure you have seen how much pro players spam their spacebar and you might be thinking to yourself why. When you’re moving to any direction and jump, your character keeps the momentum during the jump. Allowing you to move while not even pressing down a movement key. This frees up one of your hands for a split second allowing you to press an instant cast ability without needing to move your character with your keyboard. 

Are you sick of your setups getting ruined by Kicks? Avoid this problem by baiting kicks before your setups. Use your threatening spells like Hex, Polymorph or Cyclone. Debate kicks from the enemy team 5 to 10 seconds before your kill attempt. That way you can avoid the kick when it really matters. 

Want to know the best way to juke people off ledge? Just run up to any ledge and press your space bar. Most players will assume you jumped down and will immediately jump down to chase you. Additionally classes like Mages and Demon Hunters can juke people off edges with Alter Time and Vengeful Retreat. 

Did you know that Mind Control puts a buff on the target? If you’re playing Blood Elf and your partner gets MC-ed, you can use your Arcane Torrent to dispel the mind control. 

New Blood Elf Character Customization Options in Shadowlands - Guides -  Wowhead
Blood Elf character customization

Are you stuck in a 1v1 situation but can’t find time to drop combat to mount or drink? Fortunately some spells like Sap and Polymorph don’t actually put you in combat when you use them. Meaning you can quickly mount away or heal up immediately after CC-ing your opponent. 

Mindgames is a pretty confusing spell and there is one huge trick you should know. If you heal a target with Mindgames the heal happens first but it is usually absorbed and turned into damage if it’s less than the damage cap of Mindgames which is around 11k. If you use a single heal that is greater than the damage cap, it will instantly out heal the Mindgames without doing any damage. That way if you don’t have dispel for Mindgames, you can just use your biggest heal to power through it. 

5:50 TOYS

5:49 For Druids, get the Glimmerflies on Strings. This toy gives your character an uninterruptible cast bar during its duration if you use it while on shapeshift. This cast bar will cover up your other spells allowing you to get some cheeky Cyclones off against your opponents. 

6:05​ A toy for all classes is Fae Harp. This toy will prevent your character from moving which might seem like a problem. If a Priest tries to MC (mind control) you off  the bridge on Blade’s Edge or Lumber Mill, they won’t be able to move your character while you are MC-ed. 

How to Get the Fae Harp Toy from Ardenweald - Notizia di Wowhead
Fae Harp


6:21 Did you know that you can change trinkets in raided battlegrounds?  If you’re guarding a base you can swap between your Medallion, Relentless and Adaptation trinkets. That way if your trinket is down you still have a way to break CC if someone tries to cap on you. 

6:36 Also if you want to know the fastest way to return the flag on Warsong Gluch and Twin Peaks, bind your interact on mouse over to mouse wheel up and mouse wheel down. That way when the flag is about to drop you can spam scroll your mouse to quickly return the flag. 

Warsong Gulch - Zone - World of Warcraft
Warsong Gluch


6:49​ – Unholy Pact To Break Stealth

7:04​ – Death’s Advance Ring Of Peace/Ursol’s Vortex

7:16​ – Glide Late In Dalaran Sewers

7:30​ – Juke The Hunt

7:43​ – Ursol’s Vortex Map Tricks

8:03​ – Ursol’s Vortex On Door Of Shadows

8:15​ – Adapative Swarm Buffs Frenzied Regeneration

8:34​ – Ursine Vigor Fleshcraft

8:57​ – Undead Pet


Do you play Death Knight and find yourself sick of all the Rogues in arena? One neat trick for getting them out of stealth is using your Unholy Pact. You can use this while micromanaging your pet’s position to help sweep out enemy players from stealth. 

Most DK players know you can use Death’s Advance to avoid slows but many don’t pay attention to its immunity to forced movement. This makes DK’s able to use Death’s Advance through things like Ring of Peace and Ursol’s Vortex. 


Demon Hunters can abuse the starting area of Dalaran Sewers by staying up there before the waterfall launches you out. When it does, you can use Glide to quickly swoop down on the enemy team. This is useful for avoiding things like Sap early on the arena game. 

Are you a Demon Hunter who’s tired of people surviving your hunt with CDs? Just juke it! Yes, you can pretend to use the hunt by quickly interrupting its cast, baiting important CDs from the enemy team. Then once their CDs are over, you can use the hunt for real to catch them off guard. 

Demon Hunter class changes in WoW Shadowlands
Demon Hunter


Druids have a very few broken tricks. You can use Ursol’s Vortex on certain spots in Black Rook Hold and Dalaran Sewers to completely own the enemy team. On Black Rook you can vortex people through this wall by placing your vortex here 7:55. And on Dalaran Sewers you can vortex players off the ledge by placing it on the bottom while they are on the top latch 7:59. When they try and run away they will be sucked down. 

You might already know that you can use vortex against things like Warrior Charge but did you know that it also works against Door of Shadows? This is a bit easier to do since it has a cast time but you can completely own Venthyr players by doing this. Even though I play Druid, I will show you one of the most broken things about Necrolord Druid now. Adaptive Swarm increases the effect of all healing over time effects on the target and includes Frenzied Regeneration. So before you use your frenzie make sure you put an Adaptive Swarm on yourself and see your HP skyrocket. 


If you are a Necrolord and you want to build the biggest possible Fleshcraft in the starting room. Change your soulbind or conduit to include Ursine Vigor. This conduit will allow you an HP boost when you shift into a bear. So just choose this conduit, press bear form, and use Fleshcraft to get an even bigger shield before the gates open. And once this is done, just swap back to your normal conduit or soulbind. 


If you are a Hunter and you don’t have an undead pet by now, you’re making a huge mistake. Undead pets are pretty broken because they can’t be polymorphed, hybernated, sapped or hexed. So if you’re playing against a team with these CCs, make sure you’re bringing an undead companion with you. 

9:11​ – Emblem To Heal With Alter Time

9:32​ – Fire Blast During Shifting Power

9:49​ – Shifting Power To Reduce Lockout

9:58​ – Invisible Ring Of Frost

10:08​ – HoJ Doesn’t Trigger Adaptation

10:21​ – Ring Of Peace To CC

10:36​ – Light Of The Martyr During Mindgames

10:48​ – Generate Holy Power Through Immunities

10:59​ – Templar’s Verdict Through Cloak


Mages have a bunch of tricks starting with Alter Time. If you use your BM trinket before you Alter Time, your Alter Time will snapshot your HP with the BM trinket up. Then if you cancel your BM trinket before altering back, your health will go back to your snapshot at HP. This allows you to use your BM trinket more like a heal than an HP boost and can sometimes be broken because it isn’t affected by dampening. 

One huge trick that all high-rated Mages use is spamming Fire Blast during Shifting Power. Because Shifting Power resets your cooldowns by 16 seconds with the Discipline of the Grove conduit, you can use your two Fire Blasts when the Shifting Power is channeling. And they will be back up by the time the cast is over. 

Shifting Power can be used to reduce the duration of lockouts. So if you get interrupted on a cast like Ring of Frost, you can use Shifting Power to quickly remove the lockout from the spell. 

Fire Mage Torghast Tips and Tricks - Shadowlands 9.0.5 - Guides - Wowhead
Fire Mage


If you are playing Arcane you can make an invisible Ring of Frost in arena. If you cast Ring during mass invisibility, the enemy team won’t be able to see it allowing you to get some cheeky CC.  

If you play with Triune Ward, your adaptation won’t proc on Hammer of Justice. This is because Prismatic Barrier reduces the duration of harmful magic spells by 25%. Putting the hodge below the duration needed to proc adaptation. 


As a Monk, did you know that you can use your Ring or Peace like a stun? If you put your Ring’s edge near a wall or pillar, targets will get bounced continuously until your Ring is over. During this time, the only thing they will be able to do is use instant cast spells so it’s almost like a five second interrupt. 

Don’t know what to do when a Priest uses Mindgames on you while you’re getting trained? Just spam Light of the Martyr on your partner. The sacrificed health will actually count as a heal on you and your partner won’t take damage either. 


Playing Ret and looking for something to do against a Mage sitting on ice block? Generate some Holy Power! In case you didn’t know you can generate Holy Power on targets that have immunities like ice block and divine shield. 

Want to use your Templar’s Verdict into a Rogue with Cloak of Shadows? You might want to wait a second, literally. For some reason, Rogues are immune to Templar’s Verdict damage only for the first second of Cloak of Shadows. So just count to one before you dump your Holy Power. 

Best Retribution Paladin Legendaries - Shadowlands 9.0.5 - Guides - Wowhead
Ret Paladin

11:12​ – Mind Control Ray Of Hope

11:32​ – Mind Control To BoP Paladins

11:51​ – Goblin Holy Priest Flying

12:16​ – Mindgames On Druids

12:40​ – Dispel Unstable Affliction

13:00​ – Sap Intervene

13:13​ – DfA To Immune CC


Holy Priests have one of the true one-shot combos in the game. If you Mind Control a target and immediately give them Ray of Hope you will begin to store damage on that target. If your team deals enough damage you can instantly one shot the enemy when the Ray of Hope ends. Once again this is because Ray of Hope delays all damage until it ends. You just need to make sure that your team does enough DPS to make it damage instead of heal. 

If you want to completely own a Paladin you can use Mind Control to give them a blessing of protection. This assumes of course that you also have a Paladin on your own team but once they have blessing and protection they will be on Forbearance. Which means they won’t be able to bubble for 30 seconds. Use this time to catch them off guard with huge bursts and maybe even score kill. 

Ever dream about flying across the map in an RBG? You can as a Goblin Holy Priest with this unique combo. Use the Divine Ascension talent to launch yourself into the air then if you’re a Goblin use your Rocket Jump followed by Humming Black Dragon Scale trinket or Levitate to launch you forward and slow fall. On maps like Twin Peaks you can quickly zoom over the enemy team. This is bound to get you some angry whispers after the BG is over. 

You are probably really familiar with your Mindgame spell by now but did you can one shot almost any Druid form 40% HP? Druids play a conduit called Well Honed Instincts which will auto proc their frenzy at 40% HP. So just wait until they’re about to drop to 40% then cast Mindgames and Shadow Word Death. Their frenzy proc will instantly be reversed and they taste the sweet damage of your Shadow Word Death. 

Holy Priest Healer Talents & Build Guide - Shadowlands 9.0.5 - Guides -  Wowhead
Holy Priest

Final Priest trick allows you to dispel Unstable Affliction without taking damage or getting silenced. Holy and Shadow Priests using the Greater Fade PVP talent can fade before casting MD. This will give the Greater Fade immunity to the damage and silence you normally get from dispelling UA. This is good in arenas and especially good in RBGs where Affliction Warlocks are really popular. 

Want to know the best way to Sap a target with Intervene? Just spam your Sap a second time. The first Sap will get Intervened and if you Sap immediately after your second Sap will immediately remove the Intervene buff. 

Although it’s not a popular PVP talent, Death from Above can be used to do some crazy things including immuning CC. Any CC that hits you when you jump into the air will be immune. Allowing you to get some montage ready outplays in the arena. 

13:26​ – Shaman Immune Sap

13:43​ – Warlock Interrupt Twice

13:56​ – Trinket Pet To Interrupt

14:07​ – Bladestorm To Immune CC

14:25​ – Abilities During Bladestorm


If you want to become immune to Sap as a Shaman just use your Earth Elemental. While your Earth Ele is active and hitting a target you will be stuck in combat for one minute. Meaning that enemy Rogues won’t be able to Sap you out of blind. Just make sure your Elemental is hitting an enemy player and you’ll avoid the blind Sap combo for an entire minute. 


As a Warlock, you can interrupt twice in a row with this trick. If your Felhunter is sacked with Grimoire of Sacrifice you can use its Spell Lock then quickly re-summon it with Fel Domination allowing you to use Spell Lock a second time when your pet is out. 

Also for Warlock, if ever you’re in a situation where you need to Spell Lock while your pet is in CC your Medallion removes any crowd control from your pet. Meaning you can shrink it and kick someone while your pet is stuck in CC. 

Warlock class changes in WoW Shadowlands

Here is a really cool trick for Warriors to gain DR and immunity to CC. If you use Bladestorm within a few milliseconds of a CC landing, not only will you immune the spell but you will also be on DR for that CC category. If Mages and Rogues needed one more thing to complain about this is certainly it. 

Warriors have a few abilities they can use while Bladestorming. In case you didn’t know Ignore Pain, Rallying Cry, Spell Reflection and Die by the Sword all work while Bladestorming. On top of that you can continue auto attacking during Bladestorm. Allowing you to generate rage while it’s active. 

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