WE GOT PVP NERFS! Massive Updates Happening In Shadowlands! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.0

00:00 – We finally have PVP updates for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. These are some of the updates, how they impact certain classes, and what to expect after the updates.

WoW Shadowlands PvP Arena Tiers Explained: Which Teams Are Best
  1. Players now deal 20% less damage to Death Knight Hunter and Warlock Pets. – 00:57
  2. In 2v2 Arenas, Dampening will begin at 20% when both teams have a Tank or a Healer. – 01:52

Class Updates

  1. Druids – 02:45
Upcoming Balance Druid Changes on Shadowlands Beta - Shooting Stars  Baseline : wow
  • Convoke the Spirits can no longer cast Full Moon and Feral Frenzy when engaged in combat players.
  1. Mage – 04:29
Pin on Blood elves
  • Triune Ward (legendary) now provides 50% effective barriers (was 65%) in PvP situations.
  • Fire Mages
    • Infernal Cascade (conduit) effectiveness reduced by 33% in PvP situations.
  1. Paladin – 06:05
Guide][Classic]Holy paladin guide
  • Holy
    • Divine Favor (Honor Talent) cooldown increased to 30 seconds (was 25 seconds), and now increases cast speed by 30% (was 60%)
  • Protection, Retribution
    • Word of Glory’s healing has reduced by 20% in PvP situations.

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