BIG CHANGES To Professions That Affect YOU: WoW TBC Classic

Blizzard have released a blue post explaining how we are getting even more profession changes which are going to affect both PVE and PVP players in quite substantial ways. Check the blue post here Blue Post:…

0:21 First off we have Dual Crafting and Enchanting. In case you didn’t know these professions gave you access to the unique bonuses of epic quality gems and some powerful trinkets as well as enchants for your rings. So with this new update, these bonuses will remain inactive if you drop the profession. Meaning that as a player you have much less incentive to go out of your way to go after these professions unless you’re planning on keeping them and use them to their fullest potential. 

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0:43 We also receive confirmation that the engineering goggles will also be available in phase 2. The goggles are a very powerful upgrade and they can be continually upgraded all throughout TBC as well.For PVE players this creates quite an interesting scenario since now that the value of enchanting and draw crafting has diminished in regards to their unique bonuses. This makes our good old friend the leatherworking jobs more attractive for players to use for their raids. 

1:05 After all the discussions about drums, I still think Blizzard is not going to change them because of the fact that they don’t want to go into the raids and tune them based off a profession rate consumable which is completely different from changing raids from a pre-nerf to a post-nerf state. So it’s very important that we understand those are two very different things. 

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With these changes, now that the unique bonuses of enchanting and jewel crafting is diminished, it means that a raider who is a spellcaster or a melee class they’ll use tailoring or blacksmithing for their best in slot crafted pieces. And then have only one option of the following bonuses between epic gems, enchanted rings, engineering goggles or leatherworking drums for raid performance.

What I feel Blizzard’s line of thinking here is instead of attacking the issue of leatherworking drums directly, they have reduced the value of other professions from a raiding perspective so that a player doesn’t feel like they have to constantly pick up and drop professions throughout TBC to get the most out of their character. This does however then create the argument for guilds to say ‘since other professions aren’t that valuable that means it shouldn’t be a problem for our raiders to turn up with leatherworking drums’. So this may have a knock-on effect on guilds that previously didn’t feel like they wanted to burden their players with choosing a profession solely for raid encounters. So only time will tell with that one. 

2:15Either way from a PVE perspective this ultimately means that players will have to choose and choose carefully what profession bonus they want to get the most out of. Instead of having access to all of them if they put the work into it which also brings the spectrum of players at min max closer to more casual players since they can’t take advantage of all those profession bonuses. 

Making these profession bonuses less attractive to go after does give the implication that Blizzard is trying to make it seem that being locked into leatherworking for the drums isn’t so bad. 

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2:26 What about for PVP? Before these changes, dedicated arena players would ensure that they had their rings enchanted and then they would drop it for jewelcrafting for the epic gems and powerful trinkets as well as the engineering goggles. Unless they’re already locked into using a blacksmithing weapon. However these profession changes will mix up which are the best professions to run in the arena depending on what season it is. 

Are these changes going to improve TBC Classic? From a gameplay perspective I always did have the opinion that picking up and dropping professions over and over to maintain an edge compared to other players always did seem like a bad game design. Although it does seem like drums are here to stay so the raiding matter or running leather workers doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. At the end of the time, only time will tell if this is an improvement or not. 

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