This Expansion has Been INSANELY Fun! I Cannot Stop Playing! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.0

No end in sight for Blizzard’s popular MMORPG. WoW definitely has the ability to evolve, constantly change and improve for the better thus we cannot get enough of the SHADOWLANDS experience. I cannot stop playing. No, YOU cannot stop playing

This expansion has truly been an enjoyable experience. More enjoyable than a lot of people would have expected especially since Beta. Shadowlands has been surprisingly good and all WoW players have been saying the same thing. If you are thinking of going into WoW, now is the time for you are missing out on a really good experience. 

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A Maldraxxus soldier battle an enemy
 Image: Blizzard Entertainment

One biggest thing Blizzard truly nailed is ALTS, being able to play multiple characters. Whether you want to have characters to spend serious time investment or some that you just want to enjoy on the side. If you want to go all in on a character or two main characters that you want to keep up on the same pace, this is the expansion where it is attainable to do that. All the AP grind is no longer tied to character power. There are some AP grind which are only on the weekly to get renown which is again a weekly cap for every character. So with every tune that you play, it is possible and easy to get a weekly cap on renown. Even the more time that passes, the better and easier it is going to be for all of your ALTS to catch up. For all the renown, which has some possibilities of player progression but way more easier and very well done by Blizzard compared to how Battle for Azeroth and Legion did the AP progression. The content in this expansion has been awesome in terms of dungeons, raids, PVP- all of it has to be enjoyable otherwise there is really no point to the expansion. 

Dungeons in this expansion with the different mechanics, enemies and themes are so varied and refreshing. In terms of mythic plus, they are further enhanced with the brand new seasonal affix. The raid has been awesome! Castle Nathria is varied, with lots of different fights and comes with an epic final boss- exactly what you want in a world of warcraft. Who does not want fights to be memorable, duh? The PVE content has been a bit more challenging. While yes this is retail, it won’t be as hardcore as some people think. Blizzard nailed the difficulty curve of a lot of these things. Right now, doing dungeons and progressing into raids is a lot better than just diving into LFR and then progressing from LFR into normal, into heroics- there’s a lot less of a skip. 

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A group of Champions group up for a dungeon for the Night Fae.
 Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Content is a lot more impactful in terms of the difficulty curve, it makes the game a lot more engaging. Gearing has also been a lot better, there’s a lot less RNG. In this expansion, a lot of gear is thrown at you but just about everything is an upgrade. Getting item level upgrades is more impactful than ever before. Everything that you get gear wise massive increases left and right. 

PVP has also been enjoyable. It is a fast paced game play, not perfect and needs balancing but there is so much more possibilities between legendaries, conduits, covenants and the way classes play right now. The gearing from PVP is also better with a normal conquer system honor, system of proper gearing and getting specific pieces that you want for your character. Blizzard still wants you to have a little interplay with gear. For example, if you want to be the best raider, you will need to do maybe some PVP. If you want to be the best PVP, you will need more versatility in your gear and certain dungeons and raids have extra versa. 

There are so many cool things that were added in the expansion that may not be tackled here but mostly things mentioned are in terms of content in this expansion. Jump into WoW Shadowlands and you’ll understand why we are so hooked! 

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Champions clear Bastion of the Maldraxxus invasion.
 Image: Blizzard Entertainment

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