How to get Smoldering Ember Wyrm in Return to Karazhan from Nightbane!

We are back with another mount guide, and this time we will be showing you how to get the Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount. This mount is one the most beautiful and one of the easiest to get. So let’s head straight to our mount guide!

How to get into Return to Karazhan dungeon00:33

Getting to this dungeon used to require a lot of work, but you don’t have to worry about it right now. All you need to do is to switch your dungeon difficulty to Mythic, then enter the Karazhan dungeon gate in the tower. 

Preparing for a speed run00:50

We recommend that you get familiar with the map of the Return to Karazhan dungeon. This will help you to know the places and directions on where to go. 

Opera Hall Soul Fragment01:05

Once you enter the dungeon, the timer will start. You’ll be given 8 minutes to go to the purple crystal and click on it. From your spawn point you have to go to the opera hall where you have to beat a random boss. Then exit the opera hall and get to the upper audience, and there you will see a purple crystal, just click on it. Once clicked, you will gain the buff Medivh’s Echo giving you a 6 minute duration(this will be your official time), also just make sure the only one player clicks on the crystal if you’re doing this with a group.

Maiden of Virtue Soul Fragment02:07

To get ng next crystal you need to run over to the maiden’s room, you will see the crystal behind the boss, just click on it, and you don’t have to fight or defeat the boss. 

Moroes Soul Fragment02:20

After getting the 2nd crystal, you will head over to Moroes, he is the boss and you need to defeat him in order to get the next crystal. You will find the crystal behind the boss, just click on it and you will have the 3rd crystal. 

Spider Room Soul Fragment02:48

You’ll find the 4th crystal in the Spider room, you will find this room in the lower area of Karazhan. Clicking the crystal, you will see a portal, click on that portal and it will take you to the final crystal. 

Curator (Menagerie) Soul Fragment02:59

You will find the last crystal once you’ve killed the Curator. Just click on it and you’ll have the final crystal, and that will leave you with a different buff called Medivh’s Presence.

How to summon secret boss Nightbane03:08

The buff Medivh’s Presence will allow you to see Medivh on the Magister’s Terrace. Just speak to him, and complete the short scenario, this will allow you to summon Nightbane. You will also get the One Night in Karazhan achievement if this is the first time you will be doing this. Nightbane will be a pretty easy fight so you should be able to kill it in no time. 

Loot Eligibility03:35

The catch here is that, if you’re going alone you will only have a 20% chance of getting the mount, and every time a player joins your chance will increase by 20%. 

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