Angel & Devil on your SHOULDERS! How to get Bondable Val’kyr Diadem and Bondable Sinstone Toys!

We probably saw in some cartoons, or other movies that characters carry angel and devil on both on their shoulders, saying both their advice. Well, it’s also possible in Shadowlands, let’s get these two awesome toys, the Bondable Val’kyr Diadem, and the Bondable Sinstone.

As you may have speculated, these two toys are found in treasures that are in various areas, one being in Bastion, and the other one in Revendreth. You can use both of these toys simultaneously for 15 minutes on a short cooldown, and appreciate two of them contending while you’re doing your open world stuff.

Bondable Val’kyr Diadem

The first toy, which is the Bondable Val’kyr Diadem, you’ll find in the Gift of Chyrus treasure, directly in the upper part of the Temple of Humility in Bastion. 

/way 69.38 40.32 Gift of Chyrus Teleport
/way 70.49 36.48 Gift of Chyrus Chest

When you get to the treasure, you’ll see that it’s locked and that it expects you to acquire the Proof of Humility buff. Getting it is adequately simple, as you should simply type ”kneel”  in the chat and kneel before it. There are some Kyrians around who are likewise kneeling, so the game is somewhat indicating that. After kneeling, you should simply open the money box and that is it!

Bondable Sinstone

The second toy is in Revendreth, and it’s known as the Bondable Sinstone. It’s found south of Darkhaven, and to get it, you need to solve a riddle made of orbs you need to evade.

/way 63,4, 74,0 Ingress and Egress Rites inside the building
/way 63,0 72,4 Ingress and Egress Rites
/way 63,4, 74,0 Taskmaster’s Trove

Simply get the Ingress and Egress Rites object close by, which is practically an interactive scroll simply laying there, and evade the orbs that divide you from getting the chest. You’ll essentially see a lot of blue balls and in the event that you can jump or blink or set up a demonic gateway, this will be really simple for you. After arriving at the chest, you should simply loot it and you get your toy.

Presently, expecting you have both of these toys, the next thing left to do is summon them both simultaneously, and obviously, key bind them. Going around with these two is such a lot of fun, and tuning in to their arguments as they’re battling for your spirit is one of the bigger wellsprings of fun you can get in the open world right now, so I energetically suggest it. There’s additionally a lovely cool macro permitting you to bring both simultaneously.

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