GUARANTEED MISSION SUCCESS! Optimize Missions With These Two Addons

Is leveling the only best thing to do to complete your mission table? Step up and be successful with your missions! Here are two add-on combinations which will help you guarantee mission completion, the Covenant Mission Helper and Venture Plan.  

0:59 Venture Plan is a UI which shows useful information (see below photo). It shows the XP value, mission progression and adventure campaign progress.

Say for example you use Stacka’s Last Stand campaign, after adding followers, and you will see on the right side the 2:03 Covenant Mission Helper at work (second photo below). It will show the predicted result whether it’s a win or a lose. It will also reveal a log on how the fight is going to go.

However, this type of prediction is not 100% guaranteed and between these two add-ons there is a chance that something could be missed or there could be false positives or false negatives. So, use at your own risk. Using both of these is sort of key here. If you get two positives or negatives then that gives you the idea if you could be confident in winning the mission or not. If you see a conflict then maybe you would rethink if you will push through with the mission or pass on it. The Covenant Mission Helper works it magic through the Optimize (red) button. This button will change the order of your troops to minimize HP loss. It shuffles the units on the board and does not consider other followers. Hit the Optimize button and it will work its magic, hopefully. The predicted result will change after you choose to optimize, check if it predicts a win or not. Remember that it is not 100% guarantee. You will not see a fidelity between the two add-ons because the engines these add-ons are using are different. 

Seeing two wins will definitely boost your confidence and also a nice boost to your lower level followers if you want to get missions going. These two add-ons can really work together, between the Optimize button and double verifying victory or defeat in order to get your missions going. Start your mission and hope for the best!  

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