ABUSING THE MOST BROKEN PVP TRINKET! | Trinketing in PVP | WoW Shadowlands

We are going to be discussing and taking a deep dive into the Gladiator’s Emblem or most commonly known as a Battlemaster Trinket while also telling you why every high rated player is using it. We will also be covering why it is so strong then we will tell you how to use it and counter it!

There is one defensive cooldown that every class in the game has access to. This cooldown is in contention for one of the best defensive cooldowns in the game and was used by 90% of the teams during the recent AWC tournament. If you aren’t using it, you are definitely making a huge mistake.


It has been a while since trinkets like Gladiator’s Emblem have seen play in high-rated arena. Previously, the Battlemaster trinket gave stamina as its passive stat and the badge Insignia trinkets gave strength, agility, or intellect as their primary stat.

Now it’s different. Battlemaster now gives a primary stat as its passive bonus and on top of that, the health point increase is the highest it has ever been. For every spec in the game, primary stats will always out value secondary stats. For casters, 60 points of intellect will always be bigger DPS increase than 60 points of haste, crit, or mastery. The Battlemaster trinket gives you your most important stat for the entire game.

  1. The healer is stuck in crowd control. BM trinket will buy you enough time to survive until your healer leaves crowd control.
  2. Prevention of random deaths from burst. It may pull yourselves well out of the kill range for the enemy team while avoiding an unnecessary death because it can be used while interrupted or silenced.
  3. Great when combined with Mindgames. Though Mindgames converts healing into damage, the Emblem trinket effect is not considered a heal, so it’s not affected by Mindgames.

The bonus HP that you get while BM trinket is active will go away once the trinket effect has ended. This will cause the player affected by BM trigger to go down in HP.

If your HP is really low, you will go down to 1 HP when the effect of the Emblem trinket ends. For example, when the trinket boosts your health to 15K health points and suddenly you go below 15K health points, your HP will fall to 1 HP. Timing your damage around BM trinket is a really smart play and can completely catch enemy teams off guard.


Once your BM trinket fades, you will suddenly drop HP. Pay attention to the duration of the Gladiator’s Emblem buff and try to be above the 50% HP before it ends so your opponent won’t catch you off guard.

Battlemaster trinket is likely the most overpowered trinket in the game right now in PVP. Not only does it give a massive increase in your HP, but also gives you a boost to your primary stat. You should try incorporating it into your defensive rotation with your team. Treat it like you would any other defensive cooldowns while prioritizing it for moments where your healer is in crowd control or when you need to quickly react to enemy burst damage.

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