How to Farm Shadowlands Zone Portals and Lucy the Cat Pet – Live Stream Highlight

Explaining how to farm a supply of pocket portals to the Shadowlands zones of Revendreth, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, Bastion and Oribos along with Lucy the ghost cat pet and other supplies from the Dirty Glinting Objects. 

I am trying to get a particular battle pet Lucy, the ghost cat. In order to get Lucy you need to have a particular calling up. You’ll see Training in zone callings and those will give you a trainee from your covenant. You need to have one of those up but it also needs to be the correct trainee. 

The Required Trainees:

Venthyr – Drippy

Kyrian – Deos

Necrolord – Dregs

Night Fae – Twinklewings 

Lucy - WoW Battle Pet

Assuming that you have the correct trainee and the calling available, what you want to do is go out to the zone that it is telling you to go to. Every five minutes the first enemy that you kill is going to cause your trainee to drop a dirty glinting object underneath their model. And that has a chance to drop Lucy, this is also where I’ve been getting those portals from. 

I am using a weakaura to both hyper alert me when one drops just in case I miss it. And then also to track the cooldown of it. 

Shadowlands Battle Pets | Cymre Jones

I consider it to be worthwhile doing even if you don’t want the pet or even if you already have the pet because these pocket portals are fantastic. They are consumed but they will call down a portal that’ll teleport you directly to one of the four Shadowland zones and getting another item every five minutes you can get stacks of these relatively quickly. And you can also do them while doing other things in the zone. You can just go out to the zone, work on gathering herbs and material, you can work on fishing or world quests. There’s lots of stuff you can do to occupy your time while also working towards this. 

Attendant's Pocket Portal: Revendreth - Item - World of Warcraft
Pocket Portal

Sometimes one covenant will have the correct trainee and other covenants will not have them so it is also helpful to have if you really want the cat to have different characters. I have heard rumors that the drop rate of Lucy is pretty good. And people will get it multiple times within an hour, people will get it on their first loot, people get it before they even know what’s going on with it. Supposedly not that rare but rare enough for the possibility of bad RNG to ruin your life. As long as you do not turn in your calling, you can continue to work for it as long as the calling is valid. So you’ve got three days from when the calling spawns to work on this as long as you don’t turn it in. Once you turn it in you cannot take your training out anymore and you need your trainee to spawn those dirty glinting objects. 

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