The ULTIMATE Guide to ESCAPING Low CR (Challenger/Rival/Duelist) I Shadowlands 9.0 Guide

There is no doubt the World of Warcraft PVP is one of a kind. It offers plenty of casual formats, its rated arena that sees the most competition. However, some players struggle a little more than other players to get the most out of themselves which results in them being stuck in duelist, rival or even challenger ratings. Don’t be worried, here’s an ultimate guide to escape low CR- 7 ways to improve as a player


Most important part of WOW arena is to pick a class that you enjoy playing. This might seem obvious, but choosing a class you have fun playing will improve every part of your arena experience. If playing a class feels like a chore, then you definitely have to switch to another class or spec. The class and spec you choose should reflect both your playstyle and personality. 

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Once you’ve chosen a class, next is mastering its fundamentals. This starts with understanding your class and spec and learning everything there is to know about the character. Read every spell, talent and soul bind for there are many different ways for spells, talents and soul binds interact with each other. Learn the cooldowns for each spec. Remember to pay attention to their spell icons and any animation that they create. Make the most out of your UI and macros. Your UI should always make the game easier to play. Your add-ons should help you see the status of things going on in your arena.  

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After you have mastered the fundamentals of your class, it’s time to choose a comp to play an arena. Your victory in the arena depends not only on your skill as a player but also on the other two players you will be queueing with in 3v3. You must choose the best possible comp for your class in the arena. Remember to stay up to date on arena tier lists seeing which comps work well with your spec. If possible, try to pick a meta comp that suits your play style. Also, if possible, try to stick to one or two core comps the entire season. Remember that each comp requires a unique skill set and a unique set of strategies. Arena is all about repetition and muscle memory. Picking a strong comp is important for it will give you a better perspective in the game and will give you a higher chance at gaining rating. Competing against other meta dominant comps allows you to engage with more competitive gameplay. It can be fun to play non-meta comp, but you should know that it may hinder progress as a player


If you find a comp that performs well in the meta and suits your playstyle, try to find partners with the same goal as you. Always seek out other players who are willing to learn and grow with you as a player. Building team synergy will be crucial for your long term success. Part of the synergy is good communication and knowing how your partners react in certain situations. We all have our strengths and weaknesses as players but it can take a while to recognize the specific strengths and weaknesses of your partners. WOW arena is a team game, and a team functions best when everyone is directed towards the same goal. 

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You should learn how to effectively communicate in the arena for communication is one of the vital parts in gameplay. And it is probably one of the most difficult things to get right. There’s an important balance when it comes to communicating, you don’t want to say nothing during an arena game. On the other hand, you should not be talking over your partners the entire game. Good communication allows you to coordinate offensive pushes and defensive plays. 

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If you have learned how to effectively communicate, it is time to focus on your mindset in the arena. Remember that mistakes happen and losing is inevitable. You cannot avoid losing or making mistakes but you can learn how to deal with them. After arena games, regroup with your team to think about what went wrong and discuss solutions. 

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Once you have your goal set, it’s time to study. Use videos on Skill Cap or Twitch streams to their maximum potential. Be an active viewer by studying the game play of the best. Pay attention to their movement, rotation, cooldown usage and communication. Also, try to record your own gameplay, which you can re-watch so you can analyze losses and learn from your mistakes. Study your wins as well so you can replicate them. Lastly, practice your gameplay in multiple environments, learn to adapt to become a well rounded player. 

Video chapters:

0:00 – Intro

0:37 – Pick a class you enjoy

1:37 – Master the fundamentals

4:05 – Try not to deviate from the meta

5:37 – Find partners with the same goals as you

6:58 – Learn how to communicate

8:14 – Focus on your mindset

9:41 – Study

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