Best 2v2 Double DPS Comps in Shadowlands 9.0 [Early Season 1] TIER LIST

We are back with another PvP guide, and this time we take a loot at the best double DPS 2v2 compositions in Shadowlands season 1. Most WoW players really enjoy the double DPS comps because of its fast paced style, and of course it’s really hard to deal with 2 heroes that can really damage you a lot. So let’s rank the best 2v2 double DPS composition.

S -Tier

Rogue – Mage

One of the most popular comps in WoW for both 2v2 and 3v3. Rogue-Mage comp can create long CC chains that consist of Kidney Shot, or Polymorph, or Ring of Frost, on the enemy healer and using Cheap Shot the kill target multiple times to burst them and lock them down completely. It will also force enemies to use defensive cooldowns, then you can run to a safe distance until you are ready to initiate a CC chain again, until enemies will run out of defensive skills, Rogue-Mage will secure the win.

Rogue CC Chain

Retribution Paladin – Subtlety Rogue

This duo can throw out some crazy bursts, not only the Ret Paladin has a ton of bursts they also have a high healing making it harder to deal with. The Word of Glory that provides heal and if cast on yourself can increase healing up to 250% based on missing health. Of course the Ret Paladin will have a hard time connecting to enemies, and the Sub Rogue makes up for this. With the skills like, Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot, Blind, Sap, and Shadowy Duel, that a rogue can bring they can CC the enemy for a long period of time. The goal in this comp is to force enemies to use their Gladiator’s Medallion trinket with CC chain, and finish them with Avenging Wrath and Shadow Dance.

Ret Paladin and Sub Rogue CC Chain

Retribution Paladin – Enhancement Shaman

Another Ret Paladin comp but this time it is combined with Enhancement Shaman. And like our previous composition, the Ret Paladin has a ton of burst and self-healing due to Word of Glory. The Shaman as well can provide a lot of healing and crazy bursts, and when combined together they can survive and deal burst damage to enemies. The Enhancement Shaman have some of the highest burst in the game with their Ascendance, and with Windfury Totem and Bloodlust they can make their teammates do more damage as well.

Enhancement Shaman burst damage

A – Tier

Affliction Warlock – Shadow Priest

Shadow Priests currently have amazing defensive skills namely, Greater Fade, Dispersion, and Void Shift, making them hard to kill. Additional to that, the Vampiric Touch can provide self-healing, and the Vampiric Embrace that can enhance healing cooldown. With the Warlock’s legendary called Sacrolash’s Dark Strike that can slow any enemy affected corruption by 50%, this comp does very well right now since the Shadow Priest can be hard to kill because of its defensive toolkit and the Warlock’s ability to kite a lot. 

Shadow Priest defensive skills

Marksmanship Hunter – Retribution Paladin

Next on our A – Tier list is another Ret Paladin but combined to a MM Hunter. This comp does very well right now due to having high burst windows and good crowd control chains. The new Hunter legendary, Craven, will reduce the cooldown of your Feign Death by 15 seconds, making the hunter a hard target to kill. Of course being combined with the Ret Paladin that can provide healing.

Marksmanship Hunter’s legendary

Balance Druid – Subtlety Rogue

For this composition, the Druid can burst specially with its Convoke the Spirits but since this ability can be easily interrupted, the Sub Rogue stuns and CC comes into play, creating high burst windows. Also the Balance Druids have great healing right now with their Heart of the Wild.

Balance Druid burst

Elemental Shaman – Retribution Paladin

The last on our A – Tier list, resembles a lot with our Enhancement Shaman and Ret Paladin from our S – Tier list. This comp has crazy self healing and can survive for a long period of time. With their Avenging Wrath and Stormkeeper can force enemy defenses and kite for long periods of time.

B – Tier

Shadow Priest  – Subtlety Rogue

Like we mentioned from the previous comps the Shadow Priest has amazing defensive abilities and Sub Rogues have a lot of crowd control abilities. Combining these two, they can survive quite long and create deadly setups. The goal in this comp is to create those setups with Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, Blind, Sap, Fear and Mind Bomb.

Feral Druid – Shadow Priest

Next on this list is the Feral – Shadow combination, this comp has great defensive abilities that can survive enemy’s bursts. With Feral Druid’s healing, Heart of the Wild, combined with the Priest CCs with silence, they easily single out a target and burst them. 

Druid – Priest ability combination

Windwalker Monk – Enhancement Shaman

The last for this tier is the Windwalker and Shaman comp, and as we all know the Windwalkers have some of the best burst and consistent damage in the game. Combined with the Enhancement Shaman burst with its Ascendance and Bloodlust they can really provide a large amount of damage. You also want to single out a target and use all your bursts during a stun, killing the target. 

Enhancement Shaman burst


The list includes Death Knights, Warriors and Demon Hunters, since these classes don’t excel in self-healing and crowd control making it harder for them to survive against healer-DPS comps in the game. 

Video Chapters:

0:00​ – Intro

0:51​ – S Tier

4:09​ – A Tier

7:38​ – B Tier

10:11​ – Unranked

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