GOLD PREP FOR PATCH 9.0.5 | Valor System and Legendary Changes | WoW Shadowlands

With 9.0.5 patch just around the corner, you need to know some of the things that is going to be affecting gold making. There are two main things: Legendary Changes and the Valor System. There are the significant changes to the Legendary Overhaul and the Valor System being implemented. Though that won’t be enough considering we really need to breakdown on what’s changing inside of the systems so we really know what’s affected and what we should be doing.


The abilities are getting revamped and are completely changed. A lot of classes are seeing change in their Abyss Legendary. This is going to cause an influx on the need of legendary items for people to create. Also with this surge, you are going to see new and better demands for your legendaries.

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Should you stockpile? We’re still on 50/50. Since there is no increase in rank, the increase in the material price on the patch release will be short-lived but you can still make gold from it. Since map prices have dropped so much lately, more people have moved into the legendary market, meaning ranks 1-4 are now more available on the market. There are also people with a lot of inventory that they need to move.

Our suggestion would be is that you should stock on pieces with ranks one through four that are already crafted and put up on your market instead of stockpiling the mats only. Most people are selling the ranks 1-3 at a significant loss right now because everyone is basically trying to recoup gold from their investment. So, check your server, find an average cost of the different legendaries, and buy one to three of the cheap ranks depending on how much gold you have.


With the changes of the valor system, we’re going to see a slight influx in materials but nothing that’s too concerning in the broad picture, though it is something we have to keep in mind to also fully understand the system. Here’s the difference between the Valor weekly cap and the Character limit that’s held.

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The weekly limit per character is 5000 valor. You get 50 valor for completing covenant callings but it is still unknown at this point on how much we’re going to get for Mythic+ dungeons and if there is going to be any scaling with that.

There is a vendor that allows you to buy satchels of materials within Orbos for your valor points. 750 valor gets you 20 lightless silk, 20 lithium ore, OR 10 heavy callus hides. This is going to be a good addition for some extra gold while you’re pushing mythics and doing your callings. Though, it’s still unknown on how long it’s going to take us to 750 valor from doing our calling to Mythic+ runs.


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