World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ world bosses are probably the easiest way to get powerful gear. But sometimes, there are world bosses that are complicated to defeat. Here are the top five worst bosses in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

  1. Mordretha, the Endless Empress

Mordretha is the final boss in the Theater of Pain dungeon. Normally, fighting this boss is not too bad. What makes this boss one of the worst is you will have difficulty fighting this world boss because of her complicated attacks when you do this dungeon at a higher difficulty level.

2. Devos, the Paragon of Doubt

Devos is the boss located in the Spires of Ascension dungeon. What makes her worst is two things. The first is when he casts abyssal detonation. Don’t go inside the giant blue dome because you will get one-shotted and the raid damage you receive when you miss while shooting her while grabbing the orbs and putting them in the middle, especially when you are in a higher difficulty level. 

3. Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath

Halkias is the first boss in the Halls of Atonement. If you are not a Melee, you will have a difficult time dealing with this boss because you have to run into him, which is counterintuitive, and if you don’t will be perma-feared. Every once in a while, he will shatter glass right below you, and you will need to move out. You also have a minimal movement space.

4. Domina Venomblade

You can see Domina in the dungeon of Palaguefall. What makes her one of the worst is you always have to be following someone because if not, you will be webbed. She will also select a person once in a while that will have a dot on them and will get stunned together with everyone around him.

5. Mistcaller

You can find her at the Mists of Tirna Scithe dungeon. She summons a little fox that plays freeze stage with you, and if you are touched by it or touch, it will be entombed. The thing that makes this the worst is that she summons four illusionists that have a special sigil on them, and you have to find the unique out of the four and kill it. And while you’re doing that, you will be dodging all her attacks.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:14 – Mordretha, the Endless Empress

01:03 – Devos, the Paragon of Doubt

01:47 – Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath

02:32 – Domina Venomblade

03:20 – Mistcaller

03:50 – Outro

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