Kyrian Rogues must learn this trick – Shadowlands guide

Focusing on Kyrian Rogue, echoing reprimand ability and utilization of anima point.

Kyrian Rogue’s main ability is the echoing reprimand. The ability generates an anima combo point wherein when the ability is used, one of the combo points will be selected to be the anima point. Anima point is kept until the echoing reprimand breaks or it’s consumed. For example, consuming a finishing move on three combo points where the anima point landed. It will use your finisher as effective as it was seven combo points. 

When you are playing as a sub rogue, it is very easy to spam abilities and fill your combo bar. However, trying to balance your combo points is complicated. Doing Torghast, there are a lot of power ups which work hand in hand echoing reprimand and your anima point, but how to get the most out of the anima point? This is where the shadow technique comes in. It is a passive ability which makes your auto attacks get a chance to generate a combo point. Shadow technique works on a timer. Keep in mind:

“The chance on auto attacks to get the effect is not completely random but rather based on the number of successful, subsequent auto attacks. For your first three auto attacks (counting both, main hand and off hand) there is no chance for it to proc. The fourth hit, however, has a 50% chance. If you don’t get the proc on the fourth, your fifth auto attack will have a guaranteed proc.” – WOW HEAD 

When you make use of this tool- for every four to five auto attacks, you are guaranteed to gain a combo point. You’ll soon realize, landing on an anima point is no longer problematic. Now, if you are on combo point away, you can wait for a couple of seconds or you can consume it right away if you are on the point. 

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