4 Best Farms for Lazy Gold Farmers | Best Lazy Gold Farms | Shadowlands Gold Farming

Are you having a hard time farming? Here are the top 4 gold farms that can help you earn gold in a short period of time at this moment in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

  1. The Maw Skinning Farm

Located in the Maw, this farm is advisable if you only want to be in one place and kill the mobs one by one, without even moving around. Considered to be the best skinning farm for single target melee and not for tanks. 

  1. Ardenweald Secret Farm

This is the most hidden farm in Shadowlands. It has a small farming area, and this is perfect for people who love farming clothes and don’t like moving around. This farm is recommended to be farmed by druids and monks to put a statue on the farm, and the others will kill them. You can farm in this area using Shadowlands tailoring. 

  1. Skyshard Farm

The laziest farm at the moment, you can farm skyshards that you can then turn into sky crystals. After turning them into sky crystals, you can use them to Alanine Dragons to get a mount that you can sell in the Auction House. You will need a group of druids at level 50 to be able to farm in this area. 

  1. AFK Shadowlands Herbs

This is a herbalism farm found in Revendreth that you can see herbs every one to two minutes. But to be able to go to this farm, you should have Herbalism. On this farm, you can also level up your tomb and make gold easily.


0:00​ – Intro

0:47​ – The Maw Skinning Farm

2:09​ – Ardenweald Secret Farm

4:00​ – Skyshard Farm

5:45​ – AFK Shadowlands Herbs

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