DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND! | How to Farm RENOWN In Shadowlands

Feeling left behind on your Renown grind? Well, here are a few tips and tricks for you to help yourself keep up with it! For starters, Renown is the new weekly grind on Shadowlands. It’s bound to important progression paths that also unlock chapters and covenant campaign to play within the story.

Here are some achievable stuff you can get when you grind for Renown:

  1. Cosmetics relating to your chosen covenant like mounts and weapons
  2. Related power increases
  3. Trait unlocks in your soul bind and conduit slot
  4. Legendary powers and effects
  5. Higher item level rewards from world quests and PVP
Where and how to farm for Renown in Shadowlands:
  1. Maximum progression in the Introduction Experience – progression in completing tasks and quests in order to gain Renown includes the following:
    – completing world quests
    – unlock covenant sanctum quests
    – soul binding with your first champion
  2. Campaign Chapters – completion of every covenant campaign will reward you with one renown for you to unlock boosts and to open more chapters on your campaign.
  3. Completing Weekly and Daily Quests – you can earn renown on a regular basis by finishing two weekly tasks (soul collecting quest and anima collecting quest) you can find in your covenant.

Most importantly, there are a few ways to farm for Renown and a lot of ways to use them, but we have to keep in mind that Renown is covenant specific. Meaning, if one was to switch over to another covenant, they would have to start their grind all over again all the way from the beginning.

Now get on that grind and don’t let your gameplay fall behind with Renown grinding with these helpful tips and tricks!

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