How to get Lucy battle pet from Dirty Glinting Object: WoW Shadowlands

We are back with another pet guide, this time it will be Lucy, a battle pet, Lucy is a Undead kitten with a special form. If you are interested in collecting this cool pet in Shadowlands then we prepared a guide on how you can get it and how it can help in farming, let’s get into it!

Lucy - Current price on all realms - WoW Pets

0:50 – How to Get Lucy Battle Pet

Getting Lucy may not be easy, yet you might be sufficiently fortunate to get it on your first attempt and save a touch of homestead time. She’s just possible at whatever point you have a calling journey called Training Our Forces, and it doesn’t make any difference which zone it’s situated in. You’ll have a student from your group who will follow alongside you while you’re in the zone you have your calling for. 

In the event that you end up getting a unique learner, which can be Drippy for Venthyr, Deos for Kyrian, Twinklewings for Night Fae, and Dregs for Necrolords, you’re qualified to get Lucy. After slaughtering any flunky in the zone you have your calling for (and it doesn’t make any difference if it’s a mission crony or not, it simply should be level 60), your student may say an extraordinary sentence in the overall visit.

  • Drippy: “Dredged up somethin’ interesting over here, boss!”
  • Deos: “I see something on the ground, here. Come, take a look!”
  • Twinklewings: “I think I see something on the ground, over here!”
  • Dregs: “Dug up some parts! Look!”

When you see the message, promptly begin searching for anything sparkly, interactable and lootable on the ground, as something many refer to as Dirty Glinting Object will show up close to where you slaughtered a crony. At the point when you hover over it, there will be a loot icon symbol, however after you’ve looted the thing, you will not have any loot dialog boxes opening to perceive what it is. You need to open your inventory and investigate. Dirty Glinting Object can contain a lot of various things, including entrance things to the zones, mixtures, food, drinks, diamonds, fight pet things, making materials, stuff for fishing, some transitory thing upgrades, just as the fight pet you’re after, introduced as Lucy’s Lost Collar.

2:42 – Tips & Tricks for Farming Lucy

Most importantly, you can just get the plunder once at regular intervals in the game, and you can’t swindle this clock by re-logging, so in case you’re unfortunate with your loot , I propose you accomplish something different for five minutes in the event that you don’t get Lucy however need to attempt once more, as there’s no reason for circumventing killing stuff. 

Additionally, your learner will keep on spending time with you until you turn in the calling, so there’s no compelling reason to hold off on doing the world journeys until you’ve gotten Lucy. In the event that this is something you’re attempting to cultivate and sell, you can do that by learning the pet and placing it in the enclosure, yet the costs on the closeout house are not as high as I’d anticipated. If I’m not mistaken, Lucy was around 15K gold, so in the event that you have that sort of cash and don’t want to cultivate, you can likewise get her on the closeout house, and she may get significantly less expensive over the long haul, as a greater number of individuals get more than one Lucy.

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