Shadowlands Season 1 TANK RANKINGS! | BEST and WORST Tank specs in Raids and M+ Dungeons | (January Tierlist)

It’s important to think about your choice of tanks in raids in Castle Nathria. The fact that your choices, at least in the higher end in Mythic Guild, is always based on their raid utility exclusively and what your team is lacking. Meaning, the raid ranking of tanks can similarly go down depending on how specs of the same class are functioning as it it’ll be explained on this list. This does not mean that tanks specs are necessarily bad but they’re certainly the best balance aspect of the game. It also means that higher Mythic Guild prefer to play the DPS specs that will usually use similar tanks specs to fill any utility void.


B-TIERProtection Paladinscons:
• their durability compared to other tanks specs.
• whilst on par or slightly under-geared can be lethal to the mix.

• overall highest damage among all tank specs
• brings amazing utility like bubble freedom, raid buff, and devotion aura.
Brewmaster Monkscons:
• lack of tankiness contrary to how they’ve been in the past.
• gets trumped by Wind Walker when it comes to monk specs.

• overall damage intake is quite high.
• damage is adequate.
• brings important utility: mystic touch debuff which is a mandatory buff for high-end Mythic raiding.
Guardian Druidscons:
• on the lower end when it comes to tank damage.
• lacking in utility only able to bring stampeding roar which can be trumped by Boomkins.

• fantastic physical damage mitigation.
• multiple damage reduction cooldowns.
A-TIERBlood Death Knightscons:
• worst tank damage when it comes to all the tank specs.

• mitigation is made for raids where damage intake is much more predictable.
• extremely durable due to ramp up time.
• though lacking in damage, their utility makes up for it.
Protection Warriorscons:
• middle of the pack when it comes to mitigation and damage.

• significantly better against physical damage than magic and bleeds.
• good utility such as a wide raid cooldown, rallying cry, and attack power buff.
S-TIERVengeance Demon Hunterscons: large gaps in mitigation resulting in their vulnerability in higher Mythic content.

• strongest tank damage.
• brings important utility: raid debuff and chaos brand.
• the best tank spec all-around right now.


Things like damage output, durability, and kiting ability are a lot more relevant than just pure utility though still has value.
B-TIERBlood Death Knightscons:
• tend to struggle in dungeon content where damage is constant and spikes can be unpredictable.
• lack durability in dungeons than in raids.
• bottom end of tank damage.

• great mob control with single target and AOE grips.
• great spot in AOE snap threat thanks to venter covenant ability.
• decent damage and keep threat on bigger poles.
Protection Warriorscons:
• weak to bleeds and magic damage.
• some gaps in mitigation level due to lower gear levels.
• slightly lacking in utility.

• fantastic physical damage mitigation.
• decent kiting availability from heroic leap and intervene.
• fairly average in overall damage and survivability.
A-TIERProtection Paladinscons:
• lowest durability overall the tank specs.
• brings ton of useful utility and tons of interrupts.
• squishiness tends to out-weigh their damage output.

• highest damage in overall tank specs.
• lacking in mobility makes them reliant on party to kite effectively.
• strong offensive option.
Guardian Druids• exceptionally durable especially when using the natural order’s will.

• great dungeon utility with mob control spells.
• damage is mid-average.
Brewmaster Monkscons:
• lack of self-sustain making them reliant on party’s healer.

• above-average in most aspects compared to other tank specs.
• damage output is third best amongst all tanks.
• durability is way better compared to blood death knights and paladins.
• insane mobility allowing them to kite effectively.
• brings strong utility; best paired along strong physical classes.
S-TIERVengeance Demon Hunterspros:
• second best when it comes to damage and durability.
• has a plethora of short cooldown abilities and strong self-healing.
• insane burst AOE enabling them to kite shortly afterwards.
• the overall full package as of now with high damage, solid durability, and kiting ability.

Video Chapter Guide:
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3:23 A-Tier (Raids)
5:05 S-Tier (Raids)
5:52 B-Tier (M+)
7:47 A-Tier (M+)
10:01 S-Tier (M+)

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