MASSIVE DUNGEON NERFS! Big Recent Updates For PvE In Shadowlands! | WoW: Shadowlands 9.0

A variety of dungeon nerfs coming with the reset. Some rate changes and some small Torghast changes. If you’re someone who hates Plague fall, Sanguine Depths, or Necrotic Wake, and other dungeon nerfs that have happened and that will eventually nerf them to the ground as well as being legitimately poggable. So were going to go through some nerfs that have happened in the PvE content.


This PvE content got a nerf in their variety of mobs. A lot of the mobs have some powerful spells that they cast especially when you’re doing Twisting Corridors while trying to get your mount. A bunch of mobs will mostly beat up on you or just blasting you with powerful spells reducing your HP to zero.

Nerf: If you have stuns like gouge, fear, or a short blind, any one of those cc abilities will now be used as kinds of interrupts. Meaning, your cc abilities and interrupt abilities will put the enemies’ powerful casts in cooldown mode. Though your interrupts do have a 45 second cooldown so you won’t be able to spam it or use it that often as you would like.


Nerf: more focused on two bosses in the Mythic difficulty setting.

A. Sludgefist: this boss is going to have a nerf in health and in some abilities will make slightly less damage towards players. Which will make this easier for the groups that are trying to push this boss.

B. Stone Legion Generals: the raid has to occur more regularly so there’s not a sporadic. However, it won’t let players immune or avoid certain mechanics completely. So players will have to go through a lot to be able to do this fight.

Though, there are also nerfs on the other bosses in Heroic and Lower difficulty settings mostly with the scaling.


A. Plaguefall:

B. Sanguine Depths:

C. Spires of Ascension:

D. The Necrotic Wake:

E: Blightbone:

F. Amarth:

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