Gold Making | A World of Warcraft Beginner’s Guide | Shadowlands

Here are some tips if you run out of gold or a newcomer in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. To do Daily Contents, Play the Auction House on a basic level, and finally Farm for Materials. 

Daily Content

Making everyday content is the easiest way of making gold Shadowlands. You can get over 2000 gold from covenant calls with two difficulties. You will also have three days to complete them, though sometimes they line up and let you complete two to three callings, which will allow you to save time.

Covenant Mission Tables can be a gold mine as well. You need to send a follower with troops whenever you can. Real gold comes from completing missions for resources, especially those that drop herbs, meat, and fish. 

About Auctions

Everything You Need to Know About the Black Market Auction House in the  Shadowlands - News - Icy Veins

Selling items in the Auction House can be intimidating, and waiting for the item you posted will cost a reasonable price. Remember that the price will vary depending on your realm if most people want and need that item. 

Gathering and Farming

Mimiron's Library — Azerothian Botany - Dreamleaf

For Gathering, Herbalism to be specific, herbs are always in demand because you can always find them on the ground, so they may not have a high value. But for the Legion of WoW expansion, you will need a level 50 character wearing gloves to get a dreamleaf which is the most versatile plant in the game and a plant that you can make money with. 

Playing the Auction House Example

Playing the Auction House is probably the riskiest but the fastest way to make gold in Shadowlands. You have to buy low and sell it for a higher price, but you have to make sure you know about Wow to make informed investment and snap decisions.

Time Stamps:

0:00​ Intro

1:30​ Daily Content

4:03​ About auctions

5:07​ Gathering and farming

10:09​ Playing the Auction House Example

12:04 Outro

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