Shadowlands Week 20: What To Expect | World of Warcraft

Guide to week 20 of Shadowlands. This week should be pretty productive for alt fans and new players. For some hotfixes that literally 99% of the players will not notice, a few tweaks are coming in the PVP arena. Thanks to pure greed over 233 weapons and overall easier gearing, a higher participation rate in arenas resulted in a raiding tier that they have ever been. 

A few tweaks on the back end are being put in place this week to ensure that if you are in a match and you win, your raiding will actually go up. People will get to a certain raiding and stop running arenas for whatever reason. Meaning that others who get to this level only end up fighting people who are below their raiding and can’t get raided themselves. It’s a weird problem but nice to know that they are fixing it. 

1:19 The world boss this week is Oranomoros, master spy and infiltrator. Mages, Hunters and Druids head on over to Ardenweald for your (maybe) favorite legendary and get anima. 

World Boss Oranomonos the Everbranching is back with Legendary Runecarver  Memories for Druids, Hunters, and Mages

1:48 Torghast brawls have gone full circle and we are back to endure the Beasts of Prodigum. Hop into Torghast, use anima and let the animals carry the victory. With the power of us to make them killing machines but make sure that they can take a few hits too. Otherwise you just run in with them then your pet dies and then you run away quickly when the enemies come to you. 

Beasts of Prodigum Torghast Event Guide - World of Warcraft - Icy Veins

The Darkmoon Faire are in town this week for cosmetics and fun. Or to maximize your reputation and experience gains. As well as a few much needed profession points so be sure to drop by. 

2:19 We also have Burning Crusade Timewalking. Arm yourself with your favorite legacy sets and AOE the crap out of dungeons just like what classic players are going to do in a few short months and believe me they are going to make full use of the PTR practice with horrifying accuracy. 

2:37 Noblegarden will begin this week where you can scour zones for brightly colored eggs and trade it for cosmetic/s. 

2:52 In Mythic plus world, a season total 8,000 total valor left for grabs.  

3:03 The upcoming affixes are Tyrannical, Raging and Explosive

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