Concealed Blunderbuss Legendary Build! Outlaw Rogue PvP Build In Shadowlands – WoW: Shadowlands 9.0

Shots fired. Showcasing Outlaw Rogue’s Blunderbuss build for PVP. Find out how this legendary alters the way Outlaw Rogue plays in a variety of different ways. Concealed Blunderbuss allows Outlaw quite a lot of pistol shots with very high focus on sustain creating a very unique build that’s full of combo points. 

0:49 There are a couple of good legendaries for Outlaw like Celerity which gives adrenaline rush extra damage and slices the chance to activate general rush. There is also Mark of the Master Assassin but not enough bursty things to do in the opener and does not really have the structure for that kind of damage. What’s interesting is the Concealed Blunderbuss which you might have actually looked at way back in Beta. When Sinister Strike hits an additional time, there is a 40% chance that your next Pistol Shot will fire two additional times. This gives you a 40% chance on Sinister Strike secondary hits which is a pretty low chance to begin with so it is like a baseline 35% chance that your Sinister Strike will hit a second time. And then the 40% of that 35 that you will get the proc. Sounds like a low number but it is actually consistent in how often you get your Sinister Strike with very specific talent builds. This allows you multiple Pistol Shot shots which also means a lot of combo points and all different benefits of Roll the Bones like your broadsides that generates extra combo points can basically make your pistol shot generate your full six combo points or five combo points depending if you run deeper strat or not for your talents. It has a lot of different things to it primarily the extra sustained damage that brings you the extra component that it provides you. And overall the sustained heavy play style that can be utilized in arenas. 

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2:59 To make this build work, you need to run a very specific talent set up. Combo it together with the Weapon Master since in quick draw only one of your pistol shots will benefit from quick draw and others won’t. Another is Acrobatic Strikes because it is a solid choice for Outlaw. There is also Deeper Stratagem since you’re going to be generating a lot of combo points, stick to this and you will get extra combo points. Elusiveness is also a good option for PVP. Blinding Powder is perfect for the Outlaw spec. Alacrity for sustained damage play style and Blade Rush or Killing Spree

The honor talents for this play style are Smoke Bomb which is a go to in PVP and Take Your Cut which allows haze buff from roll the bones as well as slice and dice. There’s also Dismantle, Thick as Thieves and Maneuverability. Choose what you need and depends on what the situation applies since Outlaw Rogue with this build can stand toe to toe in damage. 

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4:21How will you end up playing this build? This would be the stereotypical Swashbuckler build, if you want to play Rogue when it comes to your set ups and openers, Outlaw play style would get in there like a warrior without the need for stealth and with just a bit of extra CC utility. You basically end up playing like a warrior but one that does not wear played gear and with a lot of crowd control in order to deal with enemies. The extra components may get weird to get used to but when it does proc, it feels really good. It applies quite a damage filling in the gaps for some of the set ups you have. It makes it easier for you to maintain between the eyes of the enemies with all those extra combo points. Your dispatchers become a lot beefier, your Deeper Stratagem is able to capture all those combo points and get more value out of it. It also lets you play, because of Deeper Stratagem, for a Kidney Shot that is now six seconds but turns into a seven second Kidney Shot at a sixth combo point. So you go from six to seven, one extra second on your stuns which gives you opportunity to lock enemies down. The damage output of Pistol Shots is quite nice especially if you end up getting some really good buff combos. 

With Concealed Blunderbuss legendary you will be able to take advantage of the fact that the spec is all about sustain and the output without the need for huge set ups from your stealth openers. Simply put, less planning and more slicing and that is what this legendary allows Outlaw to do- more pistol shots. 

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