5 Mats That Are Doing Better In WoW Shadowlands – Gold Making, Gold Farming Guide

Even before the release of Shadowlands, many stuff has dropped when it comes to its value due to people’s arrival to get it. One example is the Brutal Saws, from five million gold, you can now buy it for a low price because of the number of people farming. That is why these are five mats that are doing better in shadowlands.

  1. Cobalt Ore

At this moment, this mat is doing surprisingly well. Cobalt Ore is located within the Borean tundra and going to be an easy farm. The area is also quite spaced out because of the low amount of people farming and node density.

  1. Gromsblood

This is a herb from vanilla located within Fellwood. This fetches a penny due to being able to farm a lot of this herb because it’s vanilla herb items, and it’s designed initially for people on a ground mount.

  1. Albino Cavefish

If you like to farm through fishing, this is the one for you. This farm can be called the pinnacle of gold making when fishing because it holds its price well. 

  1. Saronite Ore

This farm has gone up in price due to not many people farm in this anymore. This area is also used to make a wide variety of transmogs that helps you provide for your mechanism chopper craft. Keep also in mind that you can also get Eternals on this farm, and you can sell them for a pretty penny if it’s eternal fire or shadow.

  1. Azshara’s Veil

This farm is located in the Abyssal Depths within Vashj’ir. You can pair this up with mining because you can get a lot of obsidian ore, and that can give you a lot of gold at the moment.


Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:12 – Cobalt Ore

02:42 – Gromsblood

04:23 – Albino Cavefish

05:43 – Saronite Ore

07:15 – Azshara’s Veil

08:51 – Outro

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