FASTEST WAY TO UNLOCK VOID ELVES | World of Warcraft Shadowlands Allied Race Unlock Guide

The Void Elf Allied Race is a playable race unlocked in Battle for Azeroth. This guide will show you how to unlock the Void Elf Allied Race the fastest way possible.

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  1. You have to continue through a tutorial quest that will take you through Stormwind.
  2. Head to the Stormwind Embassy and start the Legion Campaign.
  3. Finish the follow-up quests until you finally end up in Dalaran, where an NPC will approach you.
  4. Finish the NPC’s quests until you unlock your class’s respective class order hall that will allow you to select which legion zone you would like to level in.
  5. Before picking a zone, go back to Dalaran and pick-up a quest called “Uniting the Isles” from Khadgar.
  6. Get Nightfallen, which is the last reputation done.
  7. Meet Khadgar outside on the Crassus landing platform and take his armies of legion fall quest that will take you to another scenario similar to how you got into the legion.
  8. Head back again for the last time to Khadgar in the violet citadel in new Dalaran, where he will give you the “Hands of fate” quest.  
  9. Follow the quest and unlock the “You Are Now Prepared” achievement.
  10. Finally, go back to Stormwind and pick up and finish Asa Clown Singer’s quest at the stormy embassy and you will finally get your Void Elf.

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