Shadowlands Week Eleven: What To Expect

Week eleven, bring it on! From hot fixes to weekly events, here’s what you should look forward to in week eleven of Shadowlands. 

Hot fixes going live this week! Many specs are going to receive a flat damage buff to all of their abilities. 3% buff goes to Havoc Demon Hunter, Frost Mage, Enhancement Shaman, Arms Warrior and Fury Warrior. On the other hand, those who will get 5% buff are Frost Death Knight, Beast Mastery Hunter, Survival Hunter, Assassination Rogue and Destruction Warlock. Will these be enough? Of course it will never be enough. Kyrian and Venthyr players might enjoy this hot fix, followers from the mission table will receive significant buffs (see below). Differently, Night Fae will hate that their Trapper Troop ability will be nerfed. Players can explore the add-ons Venture Plan and Covenant Mission Helper as these would help and make missions easier. 

Blizzard relaxed restrictions on running the cell blocks of Torghast and now your alts can enter the highest layer that you’ve ever completed. Shadowlands scored points on alts friendliness. 

Guide to Torghast in Shadowlands - Wings, Torments, Anima, Legendaries,  Phantasma - Guides - Wowhead

The world boss this week is not other than Mortanis. Jumping for those item level 200 conduits for your covenant ability. For Rogues, Warriors and Monks, now is your turn to pick up some useful legendary recipes. 

Mortanis - Maldraxxus World Boss Available This Week - Wowhead News

The 4th and final wing of the raid finder opens up giving us a craft against Sire Denathrius and his loot table. Just like the stone legion,  the drops from here have an item level of 194, seven item level higher than normal bosses. This does not include conduits which are an item level of  187. With this wing open, this completes full access to pve contents for players of all levels. And the wait begins, to see if there will be any bonus questing content now that everyone is mostly on the same page. 

For weekly events, we are back to Dungeon Week. Run mythic dungeons for a chance at heroic raid gear. Consider completing this for the reward before deciding what to pull from the vault. 

Brawls are back and this time it’s Warsong Scramble. Grab the flag and start running. 

World of Warcraft" Brawl: Warsong Scramble - LevelSkip - Video Games

On to mythic plus, you may have survived or avoided the last week’s affixes or maybe the affixes avoided you. This week we have Fortified, Inspiring and Storming. Inspiring gives selected mobs an aura that makes enemies around them immune to crowd control. Storming is a whirlwind that spawns from enemies, considered a nightmare for melee and tanks. 

In the covenant world, the renown cap has raised another 2 points to 30. At renown  29, we unlock another row for our soulbinds. Rewards from World Quest will also hit their maximum item level which is great for more casual minded players  or alts who are looking for a little extra “oomph”. At renown 30, we reach the bottom of our first soulbinds tree which unlocks new perks:

Pelagos from the Kyrian gets:

Necrolords get:

Niya will give Night Fae players a chance to choose between 3 of Niya’s tools:

Nadjia will also give Venthyr players 3 choices to suffer through because they would rather have the Potency slot. 

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