Can We Solo BFA LFR Yet? 🐲🐙 World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Patch 9.0.5 came out recently and with it the ability to solo queue for Battle for Azeroth LFR. This is amazing because any mog you may want from that difficulty is now accessible. You can find these Tortollan NPCs in Barrel’s main inn for the alliance and in the northeastern room on the second floor of the seal for the horde. There are a total of 6 raids from BFA all of which have their wings separated out at the LFR NPCs. You will have to be level 51 or higher to be able to queue for them. And if you want to dune this off specifically, you’ll have to have your legendary cloak equipped before you can even see that wing. 

Tortollan Seeker - NPC - World of Warcraft
Tortollan Seeker

0:51 While this is wonderful news it’s still early in Shadowlands for 9.1 hasn’t hit yet. And the crazy inflation of item level isn’t here. Can we solo these wings yet? To give this the best possible shot, I grabbed my mane. A 193 Ret Paladin with a full covenant set, the sorrowbane sword and a legendary. Nothing amazing since I do not do competitive gearing. So I am in a pretty obtainable state.

Retribution Paladin Torghast Tips and Tricks - Shadowlands 9.0.5 - Guides -  Wowhead
Retribution Paladin

1:22 I decided to start with the first wing in Uldir which was the first raid release of BFA. I went in to fight Tallock as my first victim. Right off the bat I noticed the tentacles that you have to take down before you kill the boss. It had a lot of health so that was a sign it was going to take a while if I was going to solo this. I did indeed manage to solo Tallock but not for lack of trying. If I was not a Paladin with my heals and shields, I actually don’t know if I would be able to do it so that was a precursor for the near future. Mother was the boss directly after Tallock so I decided to get ahead and give her a shot. I probably could have solo-ed her but I forgot that you can get one shot if you do not move quick enough. 

2:19 Battle of Dazar’alor is the next raid. The trash initially posed some issues as it took forever to kill them. Some of them were a little more dangerous than I was expecting. I didn’t stand a chance against the boss either. 

2:53 Next test was for the next raid, in Crucible of Storms. This raid was notoriously difficult when it was live and so the first boss was the Restless Cabal. Before even getting to the boss, the mob that stands before him proved a bit of a challenge. If you do not have enough interrupts or stuns, you’ll get too many stacks off. Took me a couple of tries before I could get to the boss itself. And with that kind of intro, as you can imagine, I got absolutely decimated on the boss. 

Crucible of Storms: The Restless Cabal Boss Tactics | World of Warcraft  GamePlay Guides
Restless Cabal

3:33 The next raid is the Eternal Palace and the first boss here is Abyssal Commander Sivara. There is a lot of trash in the initial room but most of it is actually skippable if you are careful. The mobs here still have a lot of health so I recommend skipping them if you do not want to waste your time. I did not last very long at all with the Commander, it was actually a little underwhelming considering this was a very easy boss when this was live. 

4:10 Last raid is Ny’alotha and the first boss is Wrathion, the big lovely dragon. The encounter was also a big no, another embarrassing failure. 

Patch 8.3 Ny'alotha Raid Guides - Wrathion, Maut, Prophet Skitra - Wowhead  News

With all these solo attempts, the conclusion would be that these raids are not solo-able just yet. If you are really geared you can probably do some of the bosses in each of these raids if you pick and choose. I only tested the first couple of bosses in each one and did not do all of them (for the sake of time). And even if you do manage to solo them, do not expect it to be a quick run. The first boss in Uldir, Tallock, took me about 11 minutes to do the whole fight. If you’re looking to farm these, I’d give these a couple patches at least. Not quite farmable just yet. Some are solo-able however not necessarily farmable. 

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