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Here are 5 safest class ideas which are looking solid and promising when it comes to mythic pluses, casual or competitive, in season 1 of Shadowlands. PUG world is scary thus you should consider looking for actual guilds. Real guilds with real progression, people and characters. Potentially, you have the opportunity to play what you like inside of the real guilds. Inside guilds, you have the chance to impress people as well as show your skills and opportunity for you to shine where pugs will not give you the chance. So to get a wholesome good experience of any expansion, really consider to look into guilds. Here are classes which are safe in the pug world. 

DRUID 1:57

Balance, Restoration, as well as Guardian. Balance Druids are so good because convoke is basically the new i1 button. On a short cooldown, it lets you top the charts in AOE as well as in single target. It is indeed a powerful ability. Druids have other capabilities, they are a range class which are looking solid in mythic pluses because there’s a lot more mechanics that are actually quite deadly to the melee. They have a bunch of utilities, silence beam and typhoon to name a few, which will help your group succeed. The Restoration Druid does not look like the strongest healer but is still very solid going forward into this expansion. If your group for some reason does not need a bunker but needs a healer, Resto Druid is a good solid choice. The Guardian Druid, is not exactly an S plus tier tank but they are still doing good this expansion. They have a lot of health, they are like a massive sponge that absorbs match damage and physical damage. They hold quite a lot of AOE damage with the right legendary set up. 

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Balance Druid

MONK 3:26

Monks have gotten a lot of new attention recently. Windwalker is quickly becoming a very strong melee, probably one of the strongest melee in the game. They hit harder than any other melee, even when you do not have a lot of gear you will still be miles ahead in DPS of someone in the same item level but in a different class. Windwalker is truly a blast in big damage right now whether it is AOE, single target and with great mobility and decent defensives it does give the class a chance to shine in mythic pluses. If you do not end up playing Windwalker, Brewmaster has quite a bit of damage with certain legendary set ups but in terms of tanking the damage into the face, it does the job and puts it in a good spot. Not as strong as they were in BFA for mythic pluses but they are still a very strong competitor. 

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Windwalker Monk

MAGE 4:44

Fire Mages puts up ridiculous amounts of damage. They are considered the backbone of every group. And groups will literally play around combustion which right now if the mage plays properly is only about a minute cooldown. You will literally pull mobs based on whether your mage has combustion or not, as combustion lets you overcome massive numbers of enemies if the mage plays his cards correctly. Just with the raw DPS and mythic pluses, there’s not a lot of classes which can compete with it. 

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Fire Mage


The spec is the most played spec in mythic pluses right now. The number will vary whether you are looking at all mythic pluses, lower keys and high keys but on average there’s more people playing Marksmanship than any other spec in the game right now. If you pair it together with a Night Fae covenant, the AOE damage it puts out plus the single target damage it can do, it will be crazy! The variety of different talents you can run in different mythic pluses in order to adjust the situation, whether it is a boss heavy tyrannical week or an adds heavy 45 week, allows the Marksmanship to change a couple talents in order to suit themselves a little bit better towards different environments. They are very adaptable and versatile. Also, they don’t have casts so if you play in a mage and you get interrupted by mechanics, on the Hunter you do not have to worry about it at all thus there is a little advantage on that part. You can actually run 2 Marksman Hunters with a Windwalker and you will have crazy utility and the Windwalker will bring the extra physical damage that Hunters can put out for bosses for big damage. 

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Marksmanship Hunter


Primarily because of Vengeance but Havoc will have a little bit of an honorable mention. Vengeance is a monster inside of mythic pluses, actual demons inside of dungeons. They deal incredible damage especially when you pair them together with a carrying play style. They have a couple of different legos whether for survivability or for damage. The damage they put out even when they go for a survivability legendary is insane. Trash mobs melt to Demon Hunters and it’s actually quite a sight to behold, it is ridiculous how far they are on AOE damage than any other tank. You also have sigils with crowd control like sphere of sigil as well as silence sigil that gives you a lot of control to enemy mobs, ability to purge enemy buffs and passive magic damage reduction which every other tank wishes they have especially with an expansion that there is so much magic damage going out in majority of the dungeons. Havoc Demon Hunter is not bad at all, as a DPS they bring quite a bit of utility and damage especially in the AOE department. Metamorphosis is still very strong. While having Demon Hunters are not a top tier or s tier for mythic pluses they are still very solid if your group already has a tank. 

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If you play any of these specs with a better gear and the right legendaries, there’s a good chance you will not get dropped immediately from your mythic plus groups. These are some of the strongest classes for mythic pluses in season 1 right now, primarily for pugs. 

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